Children's Life and Training in Love


This has been very special to me the past couple of days, recalibrating my heart and mind about the opportunities i have, and appreciating Jesus more, too, for what He’s done. I thought you might appreciate it, too.

“One of our primary jobs with our children is to reflect God’s character in the consistency and unbiased nature of our love, and the consistency and unbiased nature of our discipline. Another primary responsibility is to let them know, from the time they are very young, that the good news of Jesus’ birth and life and death and coming to life again...means that there is hope to be saved from the penalty of their sin—WHEN they give their lives to Him in the future sometime. Someday (we will tell them again and again) they will realize how terrible their sin is and how much they need a Savior. And then, (we tell them again and again), He will come to live inside of them and live His Life through them. This is the good news and the ‘new deal’ that He made with men and children that could not obey God, or their mommy and daddy. So, we tell them they have something very exciting to look forward to. And so, we point them towards the future as we guide and correct and nourish their present.”
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