Don't Leave Home Without Him

11/21/2002 spouse and my spouse’s family, present a challenge. They are not open to hearing about anything that has anything to do with Jesus, even though my whole life centers around Him. How do I handle this? What do I do about family get-togethers....?

Very good questions. And, “sharing in the fellowship of His sufferings” is PART of our Journey and Preparation here, so we wouldn’t EXPECT to have all the answers or for everything to go well or easy even most of the time.

I will say that it has proven helpful over the years to allow biological family to know that IF you are to “attend” such and such an event, they must be willing for you to talk about Jesus and discuss any topic of your choosing related to Him openly and honestly with you. If they DON’T want you to do that, or to come if you are GOING to do that, then they don’t want YOU (the REAL you), but only a false you for their own pleasure. If they want the REAL you to come, and are willing to be responsive, then you will be glad to try to be there and see how it goes. If they DON’T want the REAL you to be there, then that is THEIR choice, and they should never complain or accuse or backbite about how “you never do this or that”—since THEY are the ones choosing that YOU not be there. They don’t want the REAL you, but just a “you” that will entertain them and “go along with them,” and give them a warm-fuzzy without dealing with Reality, that only want your “image” but not your heart, your substance, your soul, and your spirit. That’s obviously unacceptable. To tell you to come without Jesus as “front and center” in all you do would be like you saying to them (though yours is a THOUSAND times more important than this illustration) that you like them okay, but don’t EVER bring their wife or husband or children with them when they visit you, because you detest them. “But YOU I like.” Isn’t that appalling?

That’s not a fraction as bad as what they are asking you to do, if they won’t deal with the Truths and Life of Jesus who LIVES INSIDE OF YOU. So, perhaps that is some perspective that might “equip for Works of service” in the days to come? “Don’t leave home without Him.” : )

Love in Christ Jesus,

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