Don't Visit... Live In God's Will


an excerpt...

Please, could we all give it some prayerful thought for the next few minutes? Please?........

*The “human will” is how a man or woman makes his or her decisions and determines his or her actions. His or her WILL determines how actions, priorities, thoughts, and affections are permitted or expressed. A person’s WILL is the reflection of the current state of their inner man, whether foolish or wise, Jesus-centered or SELF-centered.

Who are we at this moment? Our will is who we’ve made ourselves to become by our sowing and reaping and our submission to Him. That’s OUR will.

What about GOD’S WILL?...

In the WILL of GOD, we find, similarly all that HE is. HIS Will is the fountain of all beauty and truth and perfection. Through God’s Will ALONE can a man or woman know his or her God. In accepting and doing that Will, he or she finds the only and the SURE Way to fellowship and union with the Father. To those whose whole being is surrendered in submission and adoration to the Glory of His indescribable and perplexing Will, they alone can be filled with the Fullness of God. God lives in them, and they in God.

God’s Will is a PLACE. You can go there, or not. We should. : )
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