Don't Worry About Me...


Hey there!

Just considering the technical age and availability of information—and a generation that has grown up with “instant” internet “knowledge” (true and false, or total lies). I was picturing the correct posture for our home as far as curiosity, just “google-ing” How to prune lavender or other such “innocent questions”—or social or business or so-called “spiritual” so-called “NETworking”…

Any spiritual person, and I want to be one in Jesus (1Cor.2), knows how we endanger ourselves each time we open that interNET window to Hell. I know if it doesn’t bloody and harm me “this” time, it is only a setup for satan harming me or those I love “next” time (by producing false ease playing on Hell’s Playground).

So, I found a photo of my ultimate FEAR producer (besides disobeying Jesus) and made a photo reminder for my household…… I want to be willing to look like a fool or just live in a river of molasses as far as “getting answers to so called *need to knows*. Begging God for Change and Growth, and that Father would protect us all from tragedy—a seared conscience on this topic.

-S xoxoxo

A waving, smiling boy in the foreground with a shark nearing from behind

“Hey, it's just or wikipedia...I'm just looking up some information that I was curious about...really, I'm not afraid...don't worry about me! I can handle it.”
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