Baptism of the Holy Spirit


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I mentioned earlier about the possibility of people from different situations who might have some practical questions, either based on some of what we talked about today, or something completely unrelated that is part of your particular situation of the group of believers you are part of, whether that is more of an institutional setting or not, there are probably things that you come up against or different situations that have happened that you weren’t quite sure what to do, how to respond or how to proceed. We just want to at least give people the format of getting some practical handles or discussions. Any particular question we may not be able to offer any help at all, but we can at least consider it all together and see what comes up. I don’t know what you might have already thought about, but feel free to ask about any situation that would relate to what you are a part of.

A gentleman that I was talking with asked a question just recently about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the filling of the Holy Spirit. I am not sure how we can even expand on that, but just a question of how should that be viewed today, is that important, things of that nature. The Acts 2 and 4, the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

You are asking for clarification of what those things are?

I think the question was more of from the church’s standpoint in Indianapolis and maybe the relevance more of today of how that applies, does it apply, things of that nature. Does that help?

A little. Anyone want to tackle that one?

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