A Prayer For Father's Involvement


Join me in this petition of an all-wise and all-loving and all-powerful God and Father? “Father, we want to ask you to act on behalf of those who need you desperately... those faced with tasks far beyond their capacities, those that are faced with great decisions, those that are in pain due to illness, those that face temptations that seem mammoth to them, those that are suffering in poverty and hunger and humiliation, those that have suffered recent death in those closest to them, those that are making large earthly sacrifices for Your sake, those who are desperate to know Your face, Your company, those that are not part of a church and unable to share the Joy of Your Life with others in daily walk, those that are suffering for others’ sins, that are encountering inner turmoil of thought introduced by our enemy, those that must learn to draw on You for power to overcome selfishness, laziness, depression and discouragement, pride, fear, lack of self-control, lack of prayer.... FATHER! Please show Yourself to all of those mentioned, and specifically to ___ by Your kind grace and love and power. Father, please and so be it, for Jesus’ sake...”

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