Day One

A New Song -- DAY ONE -- an encouraging fun song about Conversion, about a person's First Day as a New Creation -- Translated from the Kingdom of Death and Darkness to the Kingdom of the Beloved Son


  1. Day One
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It’s Day One

Take a breath of all that’s new

It’s Day One

Dance in the freedom He’s poured on you

And through the grace of the Father

And by the Blood of His Son


That old life that you were living

Is forgotten and forgiven

What you used for self and sinning

Now’s for loving and for giving

Blood cleaned your stains

Your sins are erased

You can never be the same

Day one


…Has just begun

You’ve been Birthed from Above

It’s Day One

You’re a trophy of His love

And now you walk in His boldness

To share the News of His Grace



Yeah you’ll fall on your face

But “pathetic’s” no option

You’re more than covered

In this Royal Adoption

Past guilt and pride

Will only slow you down

From going Glory to Glory

Don’t let anyone (or thing!) steal your Crown


We live for the King

And for His Kingdom

We live for the King

We live for the King

And for His Kingdom

To DO the Father’s Will

And destroy the gates of hell

We live for the King

And for His Kingdom

To Love and give our lives

And prepare a Spotless Bride


It’s Day One...
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