What is GOD'S Goal for Your Life?


What is GOD’S Goal for your life, and my life, and His Church, and all of Creation? To know what the goal of God is, and to apply our hearts, minds, and bodies towards this ONE Goal, would give VERY clear meaning to every aspect of life, wouldn’t it? 

There is NO doubt what His ONE goal for creation was and is, and shall be: That in all thoughts, all actions, all motives, all speech, all dreams and hopes, all decisions of every kind, along with all of creation itself—the birds’ song, the lion’s roar, the rolling thunder and the bubbling brook... God’s ONE Goal, for every molecule and every thought is this: THAT JESUS CHRIST AND HIS FATHER MIGHT BE “ALL IN ALL.” His ONE Goal is that NOTHING whatsoever would exist, in thought or deed or appearance that is not filled with the very essence and Spirit of the Son of God! His magnanimous, glorious, humble, courageous, sacrificial, spectacular Life and Spirit FILLING and FLOWING through every aspect of EVERYONE’S Life and environment! Wow. Even during a game, or a work day, or when the baby’s crying, or the noise or demands seem great, or when someone in your home or neighborhood didn’t do what ‘you’ thought they should have. : ) Even then. We CAN live that way, because GOD HAS ORDAINED AND ENABLED IT by the same Power that rose Jesus from the DEAD! “Christ is ALL in ALL!” (Col.3:11) 

Jesus rules—that GOD MAY BE THE “ALL IN ALL!” (1Cor.15:28). Let’s LET IT BE SO. We all will have to Work together—to See it and Live it for Him! Let’s bring it to Him!

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