God's Will Regarding Death


1) Does God determine when we die? Is there such a thing as an untimely or early death or is someone’s time of death truly “meant to be”?

2) Suppose a mistake is made in the medical field and someone dies from medication given to them or an error in surgery? Is there such a thing as a mistake or was it meant to happen in order for that person to die?

3) You hear so many people mention “it was his/her time to go”. Is that really true?

4) I guess what I’m getting at is, are certain events destined to happen in order for someone to die? I know that God doesn’t plan for a tragic death, but are there certain people, events, etc. (tragic or not) that must come together in order for that person’s time of death to occur?

5) I have often heard people torture themselves (including me) over “I should have done this or I should have done that……..or I shouldn’t have let that person do this or that…they would still be here”. Is that true or would some other event have occurred that still would have taken their life? Suppose someone died in a car accident. What if they never got into that car and stayed home. Would they have died some other way (such as choking on a piece of food or by some other means)?

Thank you for your insight, B

Hi B…… TRULY it can ALL be answered in Romans 8:28-29. There is much that might be said, point by point, but TRULY if you (or anyone) believes Romans 8:28-29 all the way down in the depths of their being, they will be at peace with any “mistakes” or “acts of God” or “accidents” or even repented of sin. GOD IS GOOD, and this “matrix life” we live here is only “boot camp” and a “vapor” and is NOT what we exist for. Eventually the “space suit” we’re wearing that contains our souls and spirits will wear out or be damaged beyond repair, and we’ll go where our REAL “habitat” is when the “space suit” of our earthly body can no longer sustain us on this foreign planet. On the moon, a space suit provides artificial gravity, artificial pressure, artificial heat, artificial air to breathe and moisture in order to survive in a place we were not built for. The “space suit” of our human bodies has ten thousand such “systems” to sustain our balance in our inner ears, and our skin temperature, our proprioception, taste, eye sight, and many other factors necessary to “exist” on this planet, in this environs. But the REAL “us” is our soul and spirit, either once-born or twice-Born (unSaved or Saved, without HIS Spirit, or with His Spirit in union with ours). WE were built for “heavenly realms” not to be forever on this planet, and the “suit” will either wear out, or be damaged beyond repair AT SOME POINT.…and it just is not THAT big of a deal as to whether we “go” now, or a dozen, or three dozen years from now. Looking back on it all a MILLION years from now, a few days more or less, wearing the space suit of the earthly body, is not going to seem significant to us.

How many glasses of water did you drink four days ago? How many bites of food did you eat when you were four years and seventeen days old? You can’t remember, and it really doesn’t matter, does it? You are what you are, and did what you did, and it was such a small thing so long ago. A million years into your TRUE Habitat (Hell for some and Heaven for others, though “Few will be those who find it” according to Jesus), do you really think you will care if you or anyone “died by accident” or “early” or “late” by a few days or months? Exactly how long must a “space suit” last? It doesn’t REALLY matter, does it? All we REALLY know is “to live is Christ and to die is gain” IF WE HAVE TRULY “offered our bodies as a living sacrifice” and “lived for HIM who died for us.” Right? : )

Everything will “work together for the Good” (vs.28) of KNOWING HIM and BEING HIS (vs.29) for those who look to Him—and that is more sure than the rising sun or the spring rains. Our job is to “behold Him,” to crucify our flesh for His Sake, and to TRUST HIM. Everything else? Well, no formula or explanation is required. It just is. “All things are made by Him and for Him, and in HIM all things are held together.” : )

In His Love, mike and many


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