The Family Song


  1. The Family Song
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…just as it has been affectionately sung for over a decade amongst God’s people and to our Jesus. This, as the other songs you’ll find on this disc, was not written as “a song” —but rather as an “envelope” to contain the message of a believer to another. We’ll just let you “listen in” to this gift from one to another, and then to Jesus. Whether in song or just a note or face to face, be sure to express yourself too to those that have impacted your life toward Jesus? It matters! “Just a cup of water.”

As we walk through time

With God at our side

You have shown me His Love

And I want you to know

That I need you, depend on you

The Jesus who lives in you

I will always cherish you

And always hold you dear

As we’re formed into one

Looking more like His Son

There is nothing “they” could say

That would turn me away

For the Jesus you show to me

So kindly, so tenderly

Means more than my life to me

I will always hold you dear

At the end of all time

We will be at Your side

As we press to that Day

We just want You to know

That we need You, depend on You

Jesus, we’re thanking You

We will always cherish You

And always hold You dear

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