It's ALL about the Heart of It!


When you get right down to it, the “get rich quick schemes” in society, and in Christendom just don’t WORK, do they? Why not?

Why does the average “new year resolution” last about two weeks before failure devastates both goal and morale?

It’s about the HEART. The externals can’t sustain us if the internal HEART of it all isn’t what we build upon, and what brings us Home.

To read a book on etiquette and manners—when one is not truly, in the heart, grateful and respectful—is plastic and hollow. It is unsustainable and a mere veneer of “good intention.”

To read a book on “oil painting” when one has no imagination or passion on canvas—is useless.

To read a book on “relationships” or join “accountability” or “bonding” groups when one doesn’t really care about, or love others—is failure and heartbreak ready to happen.

To read or “study” the Bible, when one doesn’t want to know and love God, or obey Him—is empty and even deceptively dangerous. It is nonsense, and false religion.

Maybe that’s why Jesus spoke so much of the HEART. That’s what HE has always been looking at, and where we must look—and the Place where all Transfigurations are Born. : )
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