It's Time for a People

This Time is from a visit of 12-14 Saints from four states who were invited by a group of believers in the South of the US. This group who asked for the visit were primarily middle-aged and historically very experienced in churchy things. Their desire was to be a Lampstand: to have a Foundation, to be a Church, rather than just another "group" that comes and goes, with little to show for their years in their cities or even in their families, generally speaking. The ensuing discussion is essentially dynamiting the plastic and styrofoam foundations that most of man-made religion is built upon. Their desire was the Hope of falling on the Rock to find Jesus Christ and a Foundation as an Ekklesia, instead of compromise and traditions of men that ran deep in their religious DNA and family pressures. Who will have the courage and wisdom and depth to See what Jesus can Do in those truly abandoned to Him? Tighten your seatbelt.


Walk the Cross...Lest Any Man Boast
It's Time for a People Part 1
The message for our generation is that it is now time! The day of “the person” was never His plan. It is time for a People, a Body, who are His Body and emanate His Life, a Kingdom of Priests who daily help each other commune with God. The only way to get into His world and dimension is a cross for each other.
Unity Grows From Obedience Not "My Ministry"
It's Time for a People Part 2
The Culture of Jesus is immovably irrevocably related to "without holiness NO ONE will See the Lord." "Who CAN ascend God's Holy Hill? Those with clean hands and a pure heart." And, for the "great number of teachers" and those who claim deep knowledge, "Some have wandered away from a pure heart, a clean conscience, and a sincere faith -- and do not know what they are talking about, or what they so confidently affirm."
Synergy of Heaven's Life: Holding the Standard
It's Time for a People Part 3
Everyone wants the Experience of Jesus' Life, "on earth as it is in Heaven" that overcomes the gates of Hell. Who wouldn't?! However, what most people don't realize or embrace is that the cost of Life, according to Jesus, is Death to self. Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die to get there. For those who think they can ignore the Commands of Jesus, and like Cain, hate taking responsibility to care for and protect their brothers and sisters -- know this: YOU WILL NOT AND CAN NOT ever enjoy the Life of Jesus in His Body and Blessings and Righteousness on a sustained basis. Your "half life" for "a cool experience of church life" is about 3-4 years before you will be swallowed by disaster. You must hold Jesus' Standard as a compassionate non-negotiable, or the self-serving nature of what you are doing will eventually kill you and your children. Better to do it HIS Way and trust Him for the "results".
New Wine Means Change - Don't Look Back
It's Time for a People Part 4
True Life in the Body of Christ is not "planted" like "friendship bread" nor will it "eventually just happen if you hang around long enough" -- like religious Darwinism. Life generally is laid out in Principle and Germinated in the life and gifts of Ephesians, chapter 4, particularly the Architekton gift. Such is the teaching of the Bible, as well as the Story of the Bible. Why would we think it would be different now? No shame, no apology, or no Life.
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