Jesus' Inner Strength Within His Offspring


One Believer expressing a desire to grow in the area of emotional trustworthiness, and some things she has read recently that have allowed her to see more deeply her need for Him to change her from within... while Enjoying the Journey...

“One quality which characterizes a spiritual person is the great calm he maintains under every circumstance. Whatever may happen around him or however much he may be provoked, he accepts it all calmly and exhibits an unmovable nature. He is one who is able to regulate his every feeling, because his emotion has been yielded to the cross and his will and spirit are permeated with the power of the Holy Spirit. No extreme provocation has the strength to unsettle him. But if one has not accepted the dealing of the cross upon his emotion, then he will be easily influenced, stimulated, disturbed, and even governed by the external world. He will undergo constant change, for emotion shifts often... Whoever genuinely desires to be perfect must let the cross cut deeper into his emotion.”

“Everything pertaining to feeling must be delivered to death... he leans too much on his emotion and is bound too strongly to his desire, affection and feeling that the Christian forfeits real power. Only a deeper operation of the cross can fill us with spiritual dynamite, other than that there is no way to it. When the cross works upon our desire enabling us to live completely for God, spiritual power will naturally be evidenced in us. A believer’s emotion, if not overcome, will additionally hamper him in spiritual work. As long as its influence obtains, his spirit is impotent to control it and consequently unqualified to fulfill the highest will of God.”

“If God’s children permit the cross to operate deeply upon their emotion they shall find afterwards that it no longer obstructs, but rather cooperates with, their spirit. The cross has dealt with the natural life in the emotion, has renewed it, and has made it a channel for the spirit... In committing our soul to the cross we must remember that what is lost is the soul life, not its function. lose soul life means to doggedly, resolutely, and continuously deny the natural power and to walk exclusively by the power of God; it means to live no longer after self and its desires but to submit unexceptionally to the will of God... emotion must go through the cross in order to destroy its fiery nature, with its confusion and to subject it totally to the spirit. The cross aims to accord the spirit authority to rule over every activity of emotion.”
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