Jesus Said


“UNLESS the seed falls to the ground and dies... it abides alone. But if it dies, it bears much fruit” (Jn. 12:24).

It might also be said, that IF there are different heights of LIFE, “from one degree of Glory to another to another”—there are also different degrees of death to self, the world, and the things of the world.

IF we would desire the highest order of Life with Jesus, as we abide in Him in this present age, should we not VOLUNTEER ourselves to Him for the most painful levels of death?

Are not, then, the most difficult and heart-wrenching developments in this lifetime... the GREATEST Opportunities? If we face the trials and inward anguish—by turning to Him, relinquishing, obeying, learning, and worshipping... we can find Him and sit with Him, enjoy Him, learn of Him, be Useful in His Plans, and love on Him... in unimaginably High Places, in this present age!

Would we invite the greatest degree of death that He could knead into our self-lives and plans and attachments—in order that we might attain to the Highest mountaintops of Life in Him, and in our brothers and sisters? He’s always looking to and fro throughout the earth... for Volunteers.
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