This Is Our Man!


If you grew up in a religious environment, then you probably heard these words again and again. Usually they were used as “scriptures.” These are “scriptures.” Learn the “scriptures.” Memorize the “scriptures,” and do what the “scriptures” say. What has been so healthy and refreshing for me lately is just to remember that this is a guy with a kind, gentle, loving heart, and yet, fire in His bosom. A man that told storms to be still, told lepers to be healed, healed withered hands, and embarrassed the Pharisees. He just came out with teachings that were mesmerizing to those with good hearts and appalling to those with bad hearts. This is the man Jesus Christ that we are following. This is our teacher speaking. These are His words. This is our friend—the one that we are following. Christianity isn't this stale institution that lives by the “scriptures.” It is a whole bunch of people who follow the lamb wherever He goes. This is our Man here.

It changes my heart every time I think about that. I'm not just trying to listen and apply, listen and apply. I am soaking it in because this is our man. This is a guy who walks on water. “Speak! Speak! I want it! I want to drink it in because I know that whatever You say, oh Son of God, is right, and I want to replace my thoughts with Yours. I want to know everything You think about everything and embrace it. Because You walk on water, and You raise people from the dead, and You know what You are talking about. I am going to follow You wherever You go. Talk to me and tell me everything You know.”

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