Jesus... a song


Jesus Christ is my King and my Master

He’s the Lord of my Life to the end.

He’s the Holy One of God, and I love Him.

He’s the One who set me free from all my sin.

On the cross there He had His great heart broken,

Carried out the Father’s will unto the end.

Where I go now, my friends, you can’t go with me;

But I prepare a place for you, and I’ll come again.

Love each other the same way that I have loved you;

To my Father and myself you must be true,

Then we’ll work and live in you through the Spirit,

To show the world the Son of God, living in you.

Jesus Christ, Lamb of God and my Savior,

King of Kings, Cornerstone, Almighty God,

Lord of Lords, the I Am and Messiah,

And Your love is our guide and chastening rod.

If we walk in the Light all our life long,

Then we’ll be that city set upon a hill,

Shining His light of love to a dark and dreadful kingdom,

Drawing men to praise His name around God’s throne.

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