A Personal "Genesis"


This is now my testimony

To you I long to tell

So good, so rich, so pure, so true,

I have to break the shell.

Before I seemed so happy,

Striving for it all,

The corporate climb and just‑in‑time,

Everything on the ball.

But in my room, left to myself

And reaching down inside,

I suffered what I clearly knew,

A case of selfish pride.

Too proud to admit

Through all of the gloss

How lonely I was,

How empty and lost.

Where should I go?

To whom would I turn?

No more answers that asked questions,

I had something to learn…

In His patient mercy

He began to draw me near.

The Truth’s not far,

The door’s ajar,

Stand back, it’s coming clear.

A Stone that makes men stumble — 

It’s so easy to be lost.

My home, my job, my friends, my life

Could this be the cost?

…Nothing before Him,

everything after…

Behold! I see!

The Truth is coming faster!

I praise the Lord in Heaven

Who gave me Faith and Sight.

I bowed my knee to Jesus — 

The Truth, the Way, the Light.

No more fruitless goals and dreams,

No more wondering why,

No more empty possessions,

No more living a lie.

God has truly blessed me,

Showed me His Holy Way.

I give my life to Jesus, His Son,

Each and every day!

Sarah (a new Christian)


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