Strength for the Battle


His truths God’s entrusted

to those He has named.

They’re clearly recorded,

But rarely proclaimed.

Truths that inspire us,

Make us fall on our knees;

Truths that are glorious,

Truths such as these — 

The Creator majestic,

His glorious Son,

The Spirit who counsels,

Three persons in One.

The Father who loves us

Extends us His hands,

And to save us from harm

Gives us loving commands.

The Spirit, Convictor,

Awakening One,

Who shows us our sins

And points toward the Son.

Christ Jesus, the King,

the Ender of Strife,

Redeemer of sin,

And Giver of Life,

To those who will follow,

Repent of their sin,

Be washed with pure water,

Forsake everything,

He gives them a new life;

He births them again,

Into a kingdom

Unknown by mere men.

It’s a kingdom of love

Where we feed on His bread.

The redeemed form a body

Of which He’s the head.

In the kingdom, He comforts,

In the kingdom, He rules;

He shapes and transforms us,

Makes us His tools.

These truths are indeed glorious,

A lamp for our feet.

They inspire and strengthen

Until we’re complete.

These truths God’s entrusted

To those He has named.

They’re clearly recorded,

But rarely proclaimed.

Rarely proclaimed on the

job or at home,

In the streets or the market

Or to those trapped alone.

For speaking is risking

With subjects as these.

Confrontation invited

Unsteadies our knees.

The mind is convinced

To speak these truths bold,

But as the moment approaches

The heart will grow cold.

Self will assert itself,

Brilliantly plead

To silence the tongue

And postpone the deed.

For where the realms of ideas

And actions meet

There is a battleground

Fervent with heat.

Too many speak boldly

When no foes are in sight,

And think themselves soldiers

Of the Forces of Light.

But bravado in barracks

Will not meet the need.

What’s needed is courage

In word and in deed.

Overcomers are needed,

Overcomers this day,

Whose love for their Lord

Makes them join in the fray.

Willing to venture,

Willing to dare,

To speak for the One

They’ve entrusted their care.

God’s overcomer‑

is he fearless and sure?

Free from infirmities,

Not needing a cure?

Oh, no, he is different,

Far different indeed!

He’s sure of his weakness,

Convinced of his need.

“Christ Jesus, Lord Jesus,

Please help me!” he cries,

And with unsteady knees

And stomach’s butterflies,

He opens his mouth,

God’s truths to express,

And words are soon given

To rightly address

The one now before him,

A captive to sin.

He tells him of Jesus

and bids him come in.

Into the kingdom

Of light and of love,

The gift of the Father

in heaven above.

He’s often rejected,

Insulted and jeered.

Though outwardly wounded,

He’s inwardly cheered.

Cheered by the strength

Christ freely gave,

And the knowledge that his God

Is mighty to save.

Great power will God

Entrust to his care.

Faithful he is,

Much fruit he will bear.

Since the time of our Lord

The battle’s the same.

Satan conspires

To silence His Name.

Would you the life of

An Overcomer live?

Your life you must lose

And your heart you must give.

To Him, who despite all

Was Faithful and True,

And overcame death

And Satan for you.

To obey Him in danger

When fears abound,

You must obey Him in safety

When no one’s around.

For God’s overcomer

Is a worshipper first.

His failures he knows,

But he’s filled with a thirst

For God’s kingdoms in heaven

and earth to be one.

He gives God no rest

Until it is done.

Be faithful, my brothers.

Deliver His Word.

Faithful, though fearful,

Hold fast to your Lord.

All in the great cloud

Had moments of fear,

But serve Him they did.

For their Savior was near.

On the foolishness of words

Does man’s destiny depend.

Let the Spirit through your words

A broken heart mend.

Cry out for His love;

Cry out for His zeal.

Be one through whom God

Can make His appeal.

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