My Life's a Garden


This is a poem I wrote about 10 years ago and had totally forgotten about and lost. I managed to find a copy of it.

I thought about it with regard to our time in Wisconsin after getting together with some brothers last night. The skit the girls did about thoughts (and the accompanying conversation) made me think of the stanza below that says that I’ll “make certain every seed is from You” and that “this Garden’s only Yours to sow.” As we talked about, a lot of our problems come from allowing the enemy to plant those weeds instead of rejecting them and protecting the garden of our mind and being committed to reserving it for JESUS’S use ALONE. That whole concept has been very revolutionary and helpful to me. I want to discipline and focus my mind to do just that. May Jesus be able to say about us:

“You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain.” Song of Solomon 4:12, NIV.

Anyway, I thought I should re-share this poem with everyone.

Love, Tim

My Life’s a Garden.

My life’s a garden, Lord, for You

Though fallow ground at times, it’s true

What’s needed from the very start?

A roto-tilling of the heart!

Break me down so I can see

The works of death…iniquity

That separate You, Lord, from me

‘Til I repent and bow my knee

That done, my life is fertile soil

A place of promise for Your toil

For in due season it’s Your plan

To reap a harvest from the land

The seeds You plant come from above

Faith, and hope, brotherly love

Godly passions, faithful wounds…

I know these all will blossom soon

The fertilizer that I need

Is understanding I’ve been FREED!!!!

For realizing this is so

Will always cause good seeds to grow.

Your Spirit is the gentle rain

Refreshing time and time again.

Oh Spirit, how You meet my needs!

Without You, there’s just dirty seeds

I promise, Lord, that I’ll be true

Make certain every seed’s from You

My ground will break beneath Your hoe

This garden’s only Yours to sow!

Use each and every inch of ground

To bear good fruit, because I’ve found

When fruit abounds the weeds subside

I won’t need “holy herbicide”

But should the enemy complete

his plan for tares among the wheat

I know You’ll pick each thorn and burr

You’re such a faithful Gardener!

And when the weather is hot and dry

And strong winds give my roots a try

I’ll persevere in peace sublime

Each day brings closer harvest time

So when that awesome day is here…

The day when ripened fruit appears

Your wondrous glory all will see

By what You’ve grown in dirt like me!
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