Inescapably Daddy's Heart


A major down-side of this lack of Koinonia, lack of “Second-Birth” family relationships with one another, is that we have no capacity to recognize the difference between rebellion, versus unregeneracy, versus immaturity. These three things look similar on the surface, but are all radically different. If we only live “on the surface” with one another, chattering or making cute spiritual remarks at a “called meeting,” our true contribution to each other in an “attendance-based” body will be nearly useless in terms of lives Changing. History shows this, over the generations and the nations. Without tangible relationships in love, there is no passion or wisdom to “wrestle to present one another complete in Christ” as Jesus Intends. In addition, our Testimony for Jesus is greatly diminished, regardless of “programs” or “ministries” or “missions.” JESUS said, “This is HOW all men will know you are My disciples: by the LOVE they SEE you have for one another.” Stuff can’t be more important than that.

We’ve discussed previously that Fellowship is our Calling for many reasons, not the least of which is that DISFellowship is a Gift from God to HELP His People. But, where lives are not “intertwined” as The Master Himself has ordained—“a hundred mothers, brothers, sisters”—there can be no such thing as “disFellowship.” Some with something to hide will always resort to excusing their disConnected “Cain” life with “It’s not my concern.” Recall Cain’s murderous excuse as he attempted to hide his own sins, Gen.4:1-17.

Then there are the hyper-spiritual folks with their disobedient and evil ridiculously unBiblical maxims: “God will tell them; I can’t be their Holy Spirit” sorts of “Cain” excuses for lack of love. What if an earthly family lived that way while raising a family. Are you KIDDING?

Still that is a popular hiding place for irresponsibility and lovelessness. It sounds even “spiritual” if one doesn’t have any clue what the Bible actually says about the Teachings and Lifestyle of Jesus. “I have need of no one, because I have Gawd.” To some, because of self-life, it doesn’t matter that JESUS has called them to “wrestle to present one another complete in Christ” and be “in the pains of childbirth until Christ is fully formed in them.” No matter what God says, they don’t want to be involved “for their deeds are evil” (Heb.3:12-14, 2Cor.5:20, 2Cor.4:7, 1Peter 4:11, Mat.28:20).

But Daddy’s Way is “We being many are ONE.” Jesus has called, commanded, and enabled us to be ONE, as He is with the Father! That is what He said, if we choose to trust and believe Him. Our Union with Christ Himself is what is to define and empower our communion, our fellowship, our koinonia “on earth as it is in Heaven” with the Father and one another. He ordained such “fellowship” daily with one another, “THAT THE WORLD MAY KNOW” by that love that they observe us having with one another. This is no “wishful thinking” or “optional extra” according to Rabboni Himself, Yesu, Jesus.
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