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  1. Give Him His Desire
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I can’t give you something new and exciting. All I can give you is a plead on behalf of Jesus to intensely desire giving Him His desire. Whatever that may be, whatever He wants from you, we need to long for Him and long to please Him. If it could be imparted to you, the longing of the heart of God for you, to truly love and worship and obey Him, you’d be staggered by that. There’s something inside of God that has a desperate need for us. Any human emotion that we’ve ever felt, the needs that we have felt inside of ourselves, the feelings, the expressions, the jittery things, all the warm fuzzies, there’s a lack of contentment there...whatever those things may be, it’s important to understand that all of those things are meant to reflect the heart of God for us.

As we were created in His image to feel His set of emotions, to experience His personality, we need to understand that those things that drive us need to be reflected towards God. We need to ponder His face and consider the fact that those things that we feel are meant to remind us of how He feels. They are meant to give us a picture of His personality, of His emotions, of what He wants, of what He is after. All of the issues of life--the disappointments, the failures, the heartaches--all of those things are meant to turn us towards Him. When you look at the prophets and the experiences that God brought intentionally upon them--the different situations that He had each of those men thrown into...Joseph in his prison, Daniel in his lion’s den, on and on and on--all of those things were meant to express something prophetically of the heart of God and His need and His desire for us and how we ought to reflect all of that energy, all of those things that pulse inside of us, towards Him.

If we understand the circumstances of our life to be reminders of His heart for us and as an awakening of the things inside of us, the longings inside of us, so that we can channel that towards Him, if we understand it that way, we are not going to resent the difficulties that come our way. We are going to learn from them. They are going to draw us closer to Him.

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