1. Passion
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Just a quick word about passion for Jesus means…. most of us have experienced some form, at some level or another, of what love is. With a child, or with somebody somehow... no matter what your age is in here, you’ve experienced some kind of love. But I would like to just illustrate with a mother’s love for a little baby. The passion and love for that little baby isn’t some non-stop thing where they just always feel “gushy” about it. You know that’s true. If you really got right down to it, they’d die for that child, but it doesn’t always feel gushy and passionate in that sense. And I’m just saying something that’s really obvious, because it’s easy to judge ourselves--”Oh, I don’t feel passionate for Jesus right now, so I must be a bad person.” You don’t need to look at it like that. Jesus is passionate for you. That’s something you need to settle forever. And beyond that, we are learning how to be as passionate for Him as He is for us. Our love is imperfect, it falters, it goes through stages...there are different things that affect how we feel at any given time. I just want to re-emphasize the obvious that a passion for Jesus doesn’t mean that you always have these huge realms of emotion about it all.

You’d die for your little baby, mothers, but when it’s time to change a diaper in the middle of the night, you don’t feel that gushy about it all. But that doesn’t change the reality of it that’s way down deep in your heart. And I want you to realize that it’s like that with Jesus too. There is a reality that is way down deep in your heart, and if you go through different emotions, sometimes they’re strong and sometimes not so. Sometimes we have clouded it by our own sin, other times it’s just clouded by the process of living. And other times its just not even meant to feel that way. And that’s ok. It comes down to what you would die for, not what you feel like at any given time. Just like a mother would die for her baby in a minute, it’s also true that our love for Jesus goes through different stages of feelings, different ebbs and flows of it all and that doesn’t diminish what love really is at all. So you don’t need to judge yourself about that. Passion for Jesus comes in a lot of forms from day to day and hour to hour, and that’s okay.

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