A Prayer: Rewire Our Hearts


  1. A Prayer: Rewire Our Hearts
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Our Father, You’ve demonstrated Your kindness ten thousand different way, Your patience and Your mercy and Your very, very, very large heart. You’ve just shown us again and again and how we could be so precious and important to You, and how You could sing over us and dance over us just escapes us sometimes. But somehow, someway, by the Blood of the eternal covenant and by an eyesight that goes way beyond our ability to see or comprehend, You do love us deeply and richly. And not just figuratively, not just theoretically, but You actually look at each of us individually and love us with a lavish, deep, strong, and faithful love, an unwavering love. That’s how You feel about us! And we know that’s a little staggering, but if we didn’t admit it to You, we’d not be telling the truth. We know that’s Your heart, You’ve said it to us in many, many ways, both practically and in Your word.

So, we ‘fess up. We know that’s how You feel (although it embarrasses us sometimes), and we want to be that way, too. We want to emulate our Father and have our Father’s eyes, our Father’s voice, our Father’s thoughts, our Father’s walk and talk, and our Father’s way of making decisions. We want to be like You. There is no other like You. You are faithful and true, and we admire your ways. You are very, very good to us. Father, we know that You have been so thoroughly merciful and patient with us. And because of all of that, we want to look to You and let You change our hearts and our minds to be like You in every way. To process the issues of life that way, to love in the way that You loved. And we’ve not been very good at that, at least I speak for myself.

We’ve been very foolish and stupid in many ways, and I ask You to somehow teach us to come up to Your path, to Your level of understanding of all the issues of life so that we can function in a way that honors You, brings You glory before the angels in heaven, and humiliates satan and his demons of hell. So, we look forward to that.

We know these things are secure. We can even celebrate them before they are totally manifest or visible in our lives because we know Your commitment is so strong that as we stumble, You are able to present us without stumbling before Your glorious throne, and present us perfect and innocent. That just amazes us, but we know these things are true. So, tonight as Your people, foolish and weak as we are, we celebrate Your goodness and kindness and ask You to continue to rewire our hearts and our minds to think just like You think so that we can be just as You are.

We do glorify You and look forward to Your throne. But we also look forward to making on earth as it is in heaven--people that love You desperately and steadfastly through the issues of life. Thank you for the tests. You told us to give You praise and thanksgiving in the tests of life. I’m sure we all feel like we’ve encountered the ultimate test far greater than anybody we’ve ever known. I’m sure we all feel that way, but You’ve done that out of Your creative wisdom. You’ve put us all in that place of needing You and knowing that You are the only one we can turn to, and knowing that You need to change us--that we can’t change ourselves. We all have faced that fact, and Your turning us toward You is the only answer. We are grateful for Your creativity and Your patience with us as You continue to work in us the school of Christ. Amen.

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