Stand on Truth, not Feelings


  1. Stand on Truth, not Feelings
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One of the most devious tricks of our mutual enemy, the devil, is to take something in the feeling realm and turn it into something that is arguably reality. In other words, if I don’t feel a certain way, then I am a bad person. That is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and you just need to understand that if you don’t happen at this exact moment in time to feel the right things, go back to Truth as the basis on which you stand because as that song goes, feelings come and feelings go, but Truth doesn’t change. It’s the same yesterday, today and forever.

So when you try to evaluate who you are, don’t ask the question, “How do I feel right now? Am I passionate about it? Do I want it? Do I love what I’m supposed to love and hate what I’m supposed to hate? And if I don’t, obviously I’m a big waste. There is nothing here worth redeeming, because if I don’t this, then I must be that.” Just wash that stuff out of your heads and understand this: that satan, every time he uses that, is sort of like Lucy with the football. Charlie Brown just keeps fallin’ for it, and Lucy just keeps on laughing. And that’s the way satan is with that one because he just has so many people who keep falling for that. It’s just a big joke to him. “I know what I’ll do. The oldest trick in the book. They’ll fall for it again, Charlie Brown.” And that’s the way it typically is.

It doesn’t change reality even then. God still has an opinion about it even then that is bigger than our decision, about our conclusion, of it all. But you need to understand that how you feel about it is just not that big a deal. And we do want to make our feelings agree with God’s feelings. We talked about this a couple weeks ago, God does have feelings. He has emotions. He has a personality. All of those things are clear. And we do want ours to agree with His. And sure, life would be a whole lot more fun, a whole lot easier to live with, if our feelings matched His exactly every day. That’s what He wants. That’s true. But should your feelings not match His exactly, it is the wrong conclusion--it’s that Lucy/Charlie Brown football trick of, “Because I don’t currently feel what I’m supposed to feel about this or that…I don’t hate sin enough. I don’t love this or that enough. I don’t blah blah blah. Therefore I’m a waste of skin. There’s no good in me. I’m worthless. I’m wrecked. What’s the point?” You know, all that kind of stuff. That’s just Lucy’s football trick.

There’s a whole set of facts that are based on the blood of the eternal covenant, our knowledge of the Son of God, the promises of the Son of God, that in some ways are separate and apart from our knowledge even of the promises of the Son of God. If I promised somebody who is deaf that I’d be back in twenty minutes with fifty dollars, and they couldn’t read my lips and they didn’t hear me, would that make my promise less good? Of course not. The promise of God based on the Blood of the eternal covenant is much bigger than our hearing. It’s far greater than our comprehension. It’s greater than our skill of articulating it. It’s far greater than my ability to communicate it to you right now. If you don’t understand a word that I’m saying, it doesn’t make any difference. God has promised, and He sealed it with the blood of the Son of God. And His promise isn’t dependent on your being able to read His lips. It’s His Promise.

So, what you need to know about your feelings is it doesn’t make any difference. Great! You’ll enjoy life so much more if you feel what He feels and are abiding in what He is abiding in and living in the flow of His love and His truth. You’ll enjoy it so much more if you will manage to find a way to do that instead of fighting it all the time. But that’s not the issue. You don’t need to be afraid of anything.

Who Am I, Jesus?

I am counting stars on Your blackened sky

You call them all by name,

You know them all by sight

In this sea of lights I sense Your majesty

And I break at the thought that One so great could care for me

Who am I, Jesus, that You’d call me by name?

What could I ever do to be loved this way?

Who am I, Jesus?

In Your eyes, tell me who am I?

(Lyrics by K.H.)

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