Women In Men's "Workplace"


Sunday Afternoon, October 26, 2003

Hi. : ) Thanks for all the e-mails, and the relationship and help for all these years. You all have been so loving and so very encouraging!

I was wondering—how are girls supposed to deal with guys in the workplace? In every job situation my mother, sister and I have been in, no matter how much we do not want what is thrown at us from the males, we can tell we are really affected by it. I’ve noticed that being rude, in order to keep them away from you doesn’t turn out so good. : ) And you can’t speak with the girls without saying something to the guys or they think (naturally)that you have something against them. Being very quiet in spirit does help but, there are always those negative situations that come up unexpectedly that it seems like you can’t do anything about. There is a lot about all this that I just don’t understand. I mean, you have to work in order to eat—in THIS case, how are you to be in the world but not of it?


Hi… Frankly, the “Proverbs 31 Woman” (who does all of the great stuff in the “marketplace”)… if you read the context, this wonderful woman of God is functioning ONLY IN THE CHURCH (Israel). She is NOT doing business with the pagan men of the Philistines and Babylonians and Egyptians, as co-workers or clients. The context of this Passage is ISRAEL, and it is written to and describes Functioning IN ISRAEL, amongst God’s People. There is no context or permission here for “women with pagan men in the workplace” with Babylonians and Hittites. In other words, you very well may be in a situation you were NEVER DESIGNED TO BE IN. And, that means there are no good Biblical answers for an UNBiblical situation. We have dozens and dozens and dozens of women in the Church here, and NONE of them work with pagan men. Zero. Some have given up nursing careers, and many other professional backgrounds and educations once they found Christ and His Ways, just to be away from situations that are not God’s Highest. They are extremely content, and even excited, about the Work Father has given them in advancing His Kingdom, without regret. You’ll find that God’s true Plan is BETTER—not as lame as dealing with pagan men, pagan philosophies and their ridiculous politics, their lusts and arrogance and rudeness… all only for mammon or ego. I hope you can discover someday what a woman in God’s true Family and Army can be, fulfilled to the max, without the ball and chain and compromised situations that a man’s work world subjects the precious Treasure of your Femininity to.

If there is a way you can do things that do not require “interface” with males or be stuck in close quarters with them, there is a bit more potential, obviously, to generate income without compromise—if one “had” to be in the workplace. (I know that you are not in a place where there are true Churches—where you and your mom and sister would be taken care of and covered and loved upon—so it is not a simple situation for you, right now.) Some situations are much worse than others, though even “better” may not be God’s Highest. Of course, anything is “possible” (even “Take, kill and eat!”—Acts 10). And yet, in a workplace filled with men, many times it will take out and out blind compromise of Spiritual Truths to be a part of it for a woman. I know it’s “the way of the world” and barely anyone gives it a thought. But, there’s a reason that women in a man’s workplace is so easily embraced as “normal” in our world system. Everything kind of goes back to what a person’s priorities are, doesn’t it? Consider the anger some might have towards your question and this discussion. And then ask yourself what their MOTIVES might be for being angry or frustrated. Could it be… materialism, personal ambition, greed, fear, large mortgages, multiple automobiles, an endless flow of techno-gadgets, worldly thinking about college or retirement, or “vacation lust”? You know something in this list is very close to the mark, in most every case. These things can be very seductive and at the root of major life and Life-destroying decisions about “women in the workplace.” I know that is “limiting” to think in terms other than this “conforming to the patterns of the world” (women in men’s worlds, as one example), but Perfection is something to aim for! The statistics are overwhelming of destroyed marriages and broken families due to “women in the workplace” and the flirtatiousness and dynamics you lament in your letter. THIS is not what Father meant when He spoke to us of “in the world, but not of it.” That I guarantee. You can know it, easily, by its fruit.

Now, since you are already in this difficult situation and apparently are being harassed somehow, it may be appropriate to protect yourselves, using a Spiritual tool of a different kind. What I speak of is based on the Truth of Romans 13 that GOD has put the governments and laws in place for HIS People. I bet to say “If you talk like that around me anymore, you may find the police at your door for sexual harassment, and then, after the law suit, I’ll own your home instead of you. Clean up the talk, or I will have to take action. There have been thousands of people in this country fired, and then sued or arrested, for talking like that to a female who doesn’t want to hear it.” It’s the law, so (Rom.13) using God’s appointed servants, the law and those who apply that law, is a distinct possibility. You should consider making this clear to those males around you who give you trouble. Assyrians and Egyptians do not honor Yahweh and His Son—but they will honor the “sword” of the pagan’s own laws that God has put in place to protect us.

I will certainly be praying for you and the Wisdom and Strength and Provision you and your family need. You are loved.

I’d be glad to talk more, anytime, as always, if you want : )


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