The 20 to 1 Relationships Rule


The Math works different directions, so you can work the equation yourself for various purposes:

“The 20 to 1 Relationships Rule”

If you sow bad seeds about a person or a relationship by tolerating negative thoughts or judgment, in nine days you can destroy six months of good potential relationship, and in 12 months you can destroy 20 years.

On the other hand, in nine days you can build the basis of a great relationship by fostering only intentional, active, positive, faith-filled loyal thoughts about a person, refusing all negative. And a year of accepting nothing less than positive kind loving thoughts and active spoken words to and about them, admiring the good traits with no dwelling on or talking about the negatives (except to help them quietly, without conditions)—and you’ve built a relationship for a lifetime.

Jesus is found there.

If you stay “neutral,” or think you are, nothing much good, nothing much bad—without embracing and cherishing and speaking good thoughts to them and about them, even if you avoid negativity, you are simply inviting a very dangerous situation.

There is no truly neutral. Speak and think good things, or you are killing. It’s just a matter of time.

What could happen if we all embraced the positive side of the 20 to 1 Rule?

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