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For starters, you’ll find audio of six and a half hours of frequently asked questions, from all over the world, for the last twenty-five plus years, on the Video page of this site. Locate “Consuming Zeal for the Father’s House—Frequently Asked Questions” and you will find many, many questions answered, including everything from “leadership” to “money” to “beginnings” and one hundred other topics. These were video taped and answered extemporaneously, nearly twenty years ago.

In addition to those rather thorough answers, you’ll find additional important topics about Faith and Love and Marriage and Child-rearing and building principles, about the house church and home church movements and how they relate to cell church and mega-church and the Bible, about leadership and pastors and evangelism and missions as they relate to the Bible and Apostolic truths. Look in sections about Home Church Movement and in the “Foundations” and “Romans” sections, the “Children” and “Women” sections, and elsewhere on the site. Also, many questions you’ll find to be answered to leaders and saints in various countries seeking Daily Life rather than just “meetings” -- and “pictorially” answered in the “Video Clips” section.

A few questions we have received and have never thought to answer anywhere else, we can answer here...

“There is so much weirdness in the religious world, and scattered all over the internet. Do you represent classic Christian doctrines? What is your creed?”

Yes, we totally represent Biblical simple Christian doctrine. We represent DOING something about it, which is far less popular. :) From our hearts to Jesus and to you, we say:

This is Life to us: Jesus, born of a virgin and the Holy Spirit, is THE Eternal Life before time and creation, and into all of Eternity! He who spoke the Galaxies into Existence came to dwell amongst us in human frailty by choice, and was crucified out of jealousy. Against all reason, the Prince of Glory, God’s Son, was conspired against and killed in an eruption of hatred by those who claimed to follow YHWH, and by the Romans.

Jesus, our Life, has taken both the penalty of sin to that Cross and a less popular thought, He has taken the power of sin to that cross! He was murdered - framed and assassinated by those with something to lose and much to hide and protect. As Paul said, “It is the same now.” Our Savior and Head was actually killed, dead and three days in a tomb, and then set free by Abba YHWH from the power of death!

He was and is raised forever to live in the Power of Resurrection Life, the Second Adam for a new Race - consisting of all of those who have been born a Second time - by faith (this word in the Greek means “full abandonment!”) into His Blood and Spirit.

Jesus, God’s only Son, Emmanuel, “God with us” was caught back up to the Father’s side, promising to Return in Triumph to finish the job of making His enemies His footstool. And in the meantime and forever He’s given us “one another” and HIS Life together in His Spirit - “that same Spirit who rose Jesus from the dead.”

His Spirit is real, living today in His Character and Priorities, His power over sin, death, and nature, in His Love, and in His imparted Hunger for Truth and Obedience to Father. The Resurrected Y’shua, Jesus, is now dwelling in all of those abandoned into His Blood as their only hope, identity and future!

We totally respect your question. Although the apostles never really expressed a creed, and a pre-packaged “creed” wouldn’t mean much anyway, since many use the Bible as a Cookbook for thought and agreement or debate, rather than climbing into the pot themselves because they are sold out to, and in love with Jesus and His People and His Purposes. Be that person, and expect as Jesus and His Apostles did that “EVERYONE who has this hope will purify themselves, just as He is pure” so that “ALL who truly believe will have Rivers of Alive Water gushing out of their inner man.” Anything less isn’t “church” or “Christian” according to Jesus. Expect it, Live it!

May He Bless and Protect and Embolden all who would seek His Face, and His will for their lives and His Church, wherever it may be, in these Last Days.


“Can you give me names of others in my area who have a heart and passion for all Jesus is, to live it rather than attend religion?”

Understandable question of course, and we get that question thousands of times every year, year after year. Obviously, there are many of every religious background, color, and nationality who sense the difference between “attending religions about Jesus on Sunday”—versus Living Jesus’ Life as HE did and does, without religion, ritual, or a ruling class. That said, we don’t ever actually pass on information about people in an area, or even keep records of it, intentionally, even if they live a block away from each other. :) There are men with websites we know in this country and other countries who do have “registries” and “lists” and help to group folks together, to some extent. You’ll be able to locate them and ask that if you’d like, I’m sure. However, our encouragement to those who ask is always to lay down your life and risk bringing Truth to your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and all you know. Most have never really done this obvious Christian thing courageously and lovingly and persistently. As YOU sacrifice comfort, time, and reputation to build lives, rather than to “find something”—you can then watch “the Lord build the House” in His own way and time, as is HIS deepest desire to do. :) It will cost you the price of “taking up your cross” for others—pain, rejection, humiliation, sometimes lost relationships—to present and live for and die for Truth to others. But the “Pearl of Great Price” is WORTH it. :) SHOW the way and BUILD Life, rather than looking for it—that would be our encouragement. :)

We’d have to imagine you were wanting something “more practical” but after all of these years, we’re pretty sure this is the Right answer to bring Jesus honor, and that He might “increase” and mere humans as some sort of cheap answer might rightfully “decrease.” We hope that perspective, at least, is helpful...

“Why does this website exist? You don’t recruit. I know from personal experience that you instead encourage Believers (me and my family) to work in their own locales for Jesus, and amongst their families. You don’t take money for anything, but send gifts for free instead, I assume all over, as you did to us. What’s in it for you, since you don’t do what we have come to expect people to do in this day and age, whether christian authors and musicians, or churches? You don’t take money, or recruit, as everyone seems to do. So what motivates you? My wife and I have discussed it, and don’t get it. Why the website? What’s your purpose?”

The answer may sound “idealistic” or even conjured, but so be it. It’s the only answer we have, and have spent about thirty years with saints around the world with this one goal: We desire that Jesus be glorified — and His Body, wherever they may be, whatever their background, to be built into His Image. Listen to the “Audio” on this site, and see if ten thousand spontaneous-answer audio clips, recorded in auditoriums, living rooms, halls, open fields, and mud huts, over twenty-five plus years by scores of brothers and sisters, and the many hundreds of correspondence letters on the “Foundations” part of the site to believers around the world — see if these reveal any other “agenda” than that Jesus be honored and His People be “made ready for His Return.” That desire for Jesus alone to be glorified is the reason for this site. There can be no other “benefit” — nor any greater. That’s the reason that there are no “biographies” and “photographs” and boasting of mere men, selling their wares or recruiting on this site or in our relationships. “HE must increase, and we must decrease.” Our love for Him, and no desire to promote ourselves or any mere humans is why you won’t see attention drawn to humans on this site — at least as little as possible, and yet still be accessible for the many letters we receive every day. Jesus is the reason we send free gifts around the world, every week, to those who ask. “Freely you have received, freely give.”

Of course anytime anyone takes a stand for Jesus, without cultural man-pleasing compromise, Jesus promised that all of us who Live in and by His Spirit would be “hated” and “lied about” as He was. And that pain would be inflicted by “many”—the religious and those with something to hide.

We will all do our best as humans to offer Jesus to even deeply troubled people we have met who have asked for relationship and help. You will, as we have, give even “the shirt off your back” and get nothing in return but a short dagger in that back for the trouble. But, that is what Jesus did for you, and for us. It’s in His Plan, He said! It’s okay! We must, as Jesus does for all of us, help others regardless of the obvious risk that a rabid animal who needs Jesus’ Healing will later bite—rather than be Healed. It will always be, as it was for even a third of the Angels, their decision.

“There is never enough proof for someone who is determined to be blind.” -M.M. Thompson

So it was in Jesus’ day, and so shall it always be. The Sheep know the Shepherd’s Voice and His Words separate the Sheep from the goats. That’s a Good thing and a God thing. :)

Our hope is that some things on this site will strengthen you in your heart for Him — and all He desires for you and His People.


Why do you all try to resolve issues of sin in people’s lives in the church there? I know you know that the common practice in the religious world is, from the top down, to hide and ignore sin. Further, it seems obvious to me in 40 years of “watching” carefully and having been in the highest levels of leadership, that most consider it even meritorious that they are so uninvolved in each others’ lives that currently “small” sins as well as hideously “large” sins are totally unnoticed until the marriage or the children or the individual is destroyed by satan’s lies. Maybe I’m answering my own question, but it’s amazing to me that you all are engaged daily as “a kingdom of priests” in helping each other overcome that bad word “sin” when my observation over these many years is that most ignore or justify or rationalize while lives are systematically destroyed and “fall through the cracks” while they go on with their agenda. Where did you get the idea that we are supposed to be engaged daily in helping each other pray, love, overcome, serve, praise, and live with Jesus’ integrity, when few will dare go there? -Frank

Well, that question is a serious one! Excellent! Thanks for asking, though as you suggested, you mostly have gleaned the answers to your question from watching 40 years of “churches” destroy “75% of their teens” (according to the statistics) and statistically more marriages failing in “the church” than amongst atheists, literally. So WHY do we act like a “kingdom of priests” and “contend as one Man for the faith” and “the hand not say to the eye ‘I have no need of you’” and commit our lives and loves to “wrestling to present every man mature in Christ” and live “in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you” and “be called alongside to encourage and admonish one another DAILY, SO THAT none are hardened and deceived by sin”?

There are at least four reasons you WANT to bring Jesus Glory by seeing a valid Testimony of His LIFE being lived out. Be sure to read the fourth one, after you read the first three!

First of all, clearly GOD said to do so, as we just witnessed. Another hundred Scriptures that could be presented here won’t help a human who will not believe and obey and live in the Scriptures already presented here. Some previous agenda for personal safety or maintaining some illusory stature amongst humans or wealth or laziness or fear of repercussion has blinded those who will not embrace and live in clear Scripture, no matter the personal cost. Such folks seem to WANT secretly to believe anything the liars and looters say, because that makes their lives “easier.” But, simply because GOD said to live as a Holy Nation and Kingdom of Priests, and “SEE TO IT BROTHERS that NONE of you have a sinful, unbelieving heart” -- well, that’s enough reason to live that way and “pop the bubble” of “personal space” and refuse to brush disease under the rug, don’t you think? This is called CHRIST-ianity, right? Doesn’t JESUS get a say in what HIS Church is to be? He has Spoken. And it BRINGS HIM PLEASURE to see what He died and rose again to bring from Heaven to this Planet Earth.... HIS LIFE IN HIS BODY!

Secondly, in addition to dozens of Scriptural Commands insisting on our involvement in helping others “OBEY everything He Commanded” as Jesus said in “the Great Commission” -- there is more. Added to the Biblical Record stating that anyone who knows Jesus will CARE about helping those around them to Change into His image so they may pray and bear fruit and please the Father by the Testimony of Jesus’ CHARACTER, there is more. The Scriptures also demonstrate that those who love Him will engage in LIFE and FORMATION, rather than platitude and information. It is FACT that Paul, Peter, John, Jude, JESUS, and all of the Recorded churches demonstrated the continual willingness and wisdom to help others and receive help to overcome the sin in their lives that offends and quenches the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus. Why would we attempt in this culture to change the Scriptures, as well as the His-Story of the Church in order to accommodate sin, rather than help strengthen to overcome it in those who are truly Saved and therefore DESIRE to overcome sin?

Jesus said that His Spirit within a person, a true Christian, would DESIRE “walking together in the Light, as He is in the Light.” Participation in applying the Words of Jesus is DESIRED by all who actually do love Him. In Jesus’ Words, “This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.” And, “Times of REFRESHING come from repentance.” This is amazing stuff Father has done, and SO “other” than man’s concepts of pride and self-preservation. We lose our lives to find them, He said!

Thirdly, out of LOVE, who would allow their five-year old child to play in a busy highway intersection without doing everything possible to teach and help that child? Who can rightfully claim they LOVE others or Jesus, when they ignore or justify sin around them that “crucifies afresh” the Lord of Glory, quenches the HOLY Spirit’s Fire in their lives, and “hinders their prayer.” If we LOVE others, why would we ignore the fact that they are playing in a busy intersection with speeding vehicles, with a blindfold on? That is NOT loving to allow a person’s prayers to be hindered and their life and marriage and children to be destroyed at the current statistical rate of 75% in “the churches.” Einstein haunts us with, “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things and expect different results.”

Fourthly, God will NOT bless a people who ignore His Commands, live for themselves, become His enemy by “loving the world and the things of the world,” whose “meetings do more harm than good” because they are not holy nor functioning as One, and do not live their alleged love for Jesus. “If you love Me, you will obey My Commands.” So, suffice it to say THERE IS NOT ONE BODY OF BELIEVERS ON EARTH who ignore Jesus’ Commands, and refuse to deal with sin, who experience HIS LIFE amongst themselves as His Body. We hear from 212 countries and every background from Nazarene to Anglican to Baptist to Pentecostal, and it is a 100% fact: where sin is ignored THERE IS NO LIFE “TOGETHER WITH ALL THE SAINTS” and they will never see His Promise in their own midst where “the Gates of Hell cannot prevail.” There are saved individuals, of course, in unBiblical expressions where “Lord, Lord” has replaced for most “doing the Will of the Father.” (Mat.7) But, even these Saved individuals in this disConnected attendance-based environment will never become what they might have, had they experienced the daily Gifts (Eph.4, 1Cor.12, Rom.12). Opportunity Cost. Who they would have become in Life with help in “weed pulling” that we all need and receive in a “Kingdom of Priests” is incomparably beyond who they will become in a leaven-filled environment where sin is ignored or obscured by lack of relationship. “A little leaven leavens the WHOLE batch” saith the Lord. Where sin is ignored and rationalized, or so little real relationship exists that it is not even seen or addressed, TEN TIMES as many teens are lost, percentage-wise, as would have been lost had we been Building as GOD ORDAINED. See the natural LIFE of JESUS in even baby Believers in Acts 2:42-47. Witness the many Commands and examples that prove that God’s Intention (Eph.3:7-10) is simply that THE BODY OF CHRIST live THE CHRIST LIFE TOGETHER, as One in Him and “one another.” “This is HOW all men will know you are MY disciples!” It’s not very complicated. Most want a discounted “Price” for the “Pearl of Great Price” -- but why? It’s a loss to them beyond comprehension. LOSING our lives is the ONLY way to find them. “Unless the seed falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone. But IF it dies, it bears much fruit.” Why NOT take a chance and die to our fears and love of self and the world, and SEE if Father does not open the very portholes of Heaven to us!

Done HIS Way, the amazing Life of Jesus Together in Him and dealing with the “weeds” of sin that choke off Life, bears its fruit. Living HIS way, dealing with the weeds honestly, lovingly, and openly CHANGES LIVES that would not have been changed for His glory, otherwise. It’s just HIS PLAN. HIS way, in love helping each other overcome temptation and sin for Jesus’ sake, allows........ The teens to prosper rather than fall, the business men to get promotion after promotion while standing in Integrity, the university students (even with sometimes less natural ability) to score at the highest level in the nation, year after year. The children have NO need to “sow their wild oats” as the dime store psychologists who have failed their own children like to say. Instead, children raised in Jesus’ Habitat do clearly love and obey and respect and serve WHILE shining in creativity and communication skills and academics and sports. Frankly, GOD’S WAYS ARE RIGHT. A Revolution and Dancing go together when it’s JESUS! Men’s ways are generally by their nature cowardly and disobedient, and therefore result in almost nothing except repeating the same bad fruit, generation after generation. The stone the builders rejected, because of the Skandalon of the Real thing, has become the Chief Cornerstone.

In a brief summary of this brief answer, NO ONE who will not help others “hand to hand, eye to eye, mouth to mouth” to overcome the issues of life that “choke the Word” will ever Experience Father’s best blessing. And NO CHURCH that will not live as a Kingdom of Priests, representing each man to God, and God to man, in prayer and Truth, daily, in love, will EVER Experience anything more than “meetings” where lives seldom change and teens and marriages are lost in droves, and people en masse “fall through the cracks” generation after generation of “doing the same things, and getting the same bad, documentable results.”

HOW DID JESUS LIVE LIFE WITH THE TWELVE? Meetings? Speeches? Books? No way. “He came to be WITH them” as He “became flesh and DWELT among them.” How did the Twelve then live with the 120 and the “3000 in a single day”? DAILY “called alongside” helping each other know Jesus and walk in His Spirit and love is the ONLY POSSIBLE Biblical answer. Other reading on this, if you’d like, Frank, include The Apostle Paul’s Guide to Helping Carnal Christians Mature and How to be Joined to Jesus’ Church and What To Do With My Convictions, and A Revolution Without Dancing is a Revolution Not Worth Having, included on this site. May the Gifts of Jesus and the WAYS of Jesus come together where you live “that the world may know” by the Testimony of HIS LIFE lived daily in HIS BODY, where you live!


“I have read with interest several of the articles on your website and feel that in many ways you have tremendous insight into both the problems of the modern church, and the patterns that are established in scripture for discipleship and for how God builds that church. Indeed, yours is the only other voice I have heard in recent memory that seems to note the importance of the idea in Ephesians 4 that there is a unity in the faith that we can reach collectively. With that said, though, I have a problem, and that is that I have gone through your website, and your linked websites, and I simply don’t know who you are. But, I’m confused that it seems like your website appears to be anonymous. Jesus said “Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven” and that personal acknowledgment is an imperative of effective Christian life. I am honestly not trying to be critical as much as I am expressing frustration. It is rare that I find people who are focused, not on simply constructing a church in reaction to the perceived flaws of the last church idea, but instead simply asking “what does God intend for church to be?” I want to be encouraged by what you write, and indeed some of it hits far too close to home for comfort in a very good way.”

Hi..... Is refusing to promote mere humans the same as being “anonymous”? Anonymity is a far cry from our situation. :) We have relationships on various levels in 200 or so countries of every conceivable background — which all by itself means, mathematically, that almost everyone else in the world is more anonymous than we are. :) We have relationships in various places for up to 32 years, or some portion of time thereof. On a practical level, if you’ve seen the videos at JesusLifeTogether.com, you’ve even seen pictures of new relationships, and old, as well as photos of our parents, our children and grandchildren — and have seen them progress from new-borns, to the many, many 4.0 University students, to the very successful multiple advance-degreed professionals functioning daily with the best and brightest of the worlds of business and technology, and are highly respected and promoted constantly — all right before your eyes. :)

We’re sure you can understand that because we have questioned the Biblical legitimacy of a multi-Billion Dollar Industry and it’s machine and it’s power brokers, AND SHOWN AND LIVED THE BIBLICAL SOLUTION for thirty years, the liars and the looters want some revenge, naturally. Such “inspirational” classics as Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, and in the Books of Jude and 2Peter 2 don’t pull any punches about how humans driven by power and pesos may attempt to protect their empires or comfort. The looters are their own first victims. They sell their cravings as knowledge, and as Peter and Jude said, seek to control others’ rights, freedom, and consciences with threats and half-truths, accusing others of their own guilt, as Peter and Paul and Jude and Jesus insisted they would. They mask their own shapeless lives with religion or obsessions, and seem to believe that “the destroyer of a Sculpture is superior to the Sculptor.”

Biblically, it’s good to know that those who “enter into His Suffering also will participate in His Glory.” And, make no mistake, those who embrace and live His Truths “will be persecuted.” If you’re not already lied about and slandered and treated unjustly and “all men speak well of you” -- ask yourself what you certainly must be compromising.

The Earth is very very dry, and crying out for the bubbling spring of Jesus, His Truths, and His resulting Life. Maybe you, too, have seen too much that is not Him. But we know how most responded to the Light of men and Living Water, in His Day. Jesus was viewed as so “NOT a nice guy” (from the viewpoint of the culturally religious) that he was targeted to be murdered just a few months after becoming “public” in His life. That IS how it goes.

So, back to “why” we don’t promote any mere humans, but only Jesus, in spite of the several hundred contributors to this site and its content?

It’s a fair question, but when you ask about “anonymous” it’s of course a little ironic, if you think about it. While we’re brain-dirtied into accepting posterizing and promoting mere men and “buying and selling” Christian wares, all unBiblical but readily accepted, you do know firsthand, I’m sure, that most you know have very little knowledge of even anyone else in their “congregations” -- day to day. They barely notice “members’” children, and share little to nothing of their lives outside of a “meeting” or “program” — even for decades on end. Meanwhile, exactly opposite of that, we’ve been very open with our lives, our children, conversations in living rooms and large auditoriums and mud huts, and restaurants — even recordings by the thousands amongst ourselves, and amongst leaders, authors, academics, from millionaires (from whom we have never accepted a cent) to the penniless or illiterate, in many countries. Our phone numbers, literally hundreds of us, have been “listed” in the white pages since the days there WERE white pages. We live, in this city you’ve asked about, in urban neighborhoods within the city limits, in a high-crime township. There are 1.2 million mostly unBelievers all around us everyday. We’ve never had any “neighbor” problems in 25 years. We have had numerous notes and conversations from neighbors expressing their appreciation and respect for us over the years. The Believers here work in jobs from management to trades to professional and scientific jobs of major corporations and small businesses and everywhere in between. They share Jesus continually in personal ways, risking jobs or popularity where necessary. We’ve never had any “workplace” trouble in 25 years, but pretty much all are respected and promoted frequently, receiving awards and recognitions in their fields, while Testifying freely about Jesus, come what may. This Acts 2:42-47 Life has been here in this city for nearly 15% of the time that the United States has even existed as a country, and in many other cities and countries as well. In all of these years of trying to love others and represent Jesus in kindness and LIFE, rather than “meetings” or “services” or “sermons” or “programs” — only religious fanatics and religious (and illegal) criminals have given us a hard time, ironically. Sound familiar? We’re clearly not hiding much very effectively if people in the workplace and neighborhood have no trouble, and good folks of every religious background write to us from all over the world everyday, and many even know our children’s faces and names, and have seen their lives. :)

Certainly we understand your frustrations in the religious world and your fears. The world, and the religious world most would say, are a MESS. But, it’s hard to be more transparent than you having access to more than 50,000 personal letters and recordings and songs from 25 plus years of our lives together here and in other cities and countries that are on the site accessible to all. You may be confusing the fact that we don’t do any SELF PROMOTION of mere humans such as the world has brain-dirtied us into believing is Right. Joe Schmoe Ministries and pictures and bios and human-promotion and money begging are profoundly and uncharacteristically absent from our sites, we admit. And we didn’t just remove all of the self-promotion and selling of wares and such from the sites. In nearly 30 years we have ALWAYS given away free everything we can to those who are hungry, and have ALWAYS embraced the attitude, against the tide, that for JESUS to increase, we must DECREASE. It’s actually almost funny how that is more confusing than the many, many “pastors” wearing unBiblical titles with millions of dollars in their bank accounts from “buying and selling” the Word of God, and promoting themselves on posters and book jackets and such, controlling money, controlling who teaches and what, controlling all of the decisions as if it were their “family business” to be passed down, or a career path like “engineer” or “fireman.” THAT is all “okay” with almost everyone, but when we do none of those things — we’re suspicious to some until they’ve Thought it through with Biblical eyes rather than man’s experiences. Almost as if raw “numbers” of adherents to something means that it must be “right” and everyone else can be called names. In Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s day, 95% of all of the “christian world” was supportive of Hitler, and those who were not were called a “cult.” Numbers make one “right”? Then Jesus was wrong, by that same method of evaluation.

So! We don’t claim to be anyone, are not anywhere CLOSE to “the only ones” — as is marvelously clear by the many thousands of letters we get from courageous, wonderful, passionate followers of the Risen Jesus Christ from this country and many, many dozens of other countries, languages, and backgrounds. We decided almost three decades ago that we will never yield to the flattery or the tirades of humans who want us to be look-alikes to a broken system, with men’s fingerprints all over everything. Can’t do it. Not that YOU were asking us to, but you were expressing the “edges” of a complaint we hear now and then: Why don’t you do everything like everyone else does? And the answer is, because we don’t WANT to turn out like most everyone else does when we grow up. :)

There are names all over the website, in print and in thousands of audio files. The Day of Small Beginnings novel lists the 20 or so people who wrote it. Others of our books have the writer’s name on them, sans the photo biography nonsense borrowed from the pagan marketing system, of course. It’s just never been our thought that something more than having some names here and there is REALLY needed to be helpful for Saints to have a chance to hear, weigh, and apply Truths from the Bible.

Funny! For some reason, we don’t even know who wrote the Book of Hebrews, but LOVE that Book! And many other Books of the Bible are credited to someone or another that the “experts” contend may not actually have been the writer. We don’t know “names” of barely ANYONE from Thessalonica or Ephesus or Philippi, but we don’t think they were all attempting to be “anonymous.” We just think, as they did, that only Jesus and His Truths and His Daily Life are Important.

God does NOT want to share His Glory or “credit” with mere humans, and we simply have chosen, against the tide, to refuse money in payment for Truth (as is the practice of modern religion with sermons, books, and music), as well as any mere humans being placed in “prestigious position” or “title” — forbidden by Jesus Himself.

Actually, We don’t have any mere humans here that we think are worthy or deserving of being promoted and headlined and marketed. And FRANKLY — we don’t think anyone else knows any mere human, honest Christian anywhere else who would be deserving of fame and promotion either, in reality. :)

We’ve never believed that WE have anything really to do with whether something is true or not. So, even the pictures of LIFE and children and grandchildren and grandparents and Saints we know in other countries are somewhat superfluous, but they’re all over the place on the sites anyway. :)

“Acknowledging JESUS before men,” and always “ready to give a Reason for the Hope WithIn” — is remarkably different than marketing humans and bios and self-promotions, right? We of course get crucified for that posture, while those who make millions of dollars off of God’s lambs by promoting themselves and thus DECREASING Jesus.... well they are not only not scrutinized for such unBiblical and corrupt practices as selling the Word of God, they are heroes. But, so be it. :) Hope that helps at least a little, brother. :) We know it’s a tricky subject because “numbers of adherents” is so often equated with “therefore anything else must be suspicious.” But, our experience has been that some good folks in almost every congregation on planet earth have already spent much of their lives questioning some of the things we have questioned. We’ll take the “beating” for them. :)

In His Love, for the Lion and the Lamb — Jesus of Nazareth From the church here and anywhere the Bride is “making herself ready” for the Return of the Groom

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