All music is available for free, as our gift to Jesus and to those who love Him and will give away their lives for Him.

These songs are not intended to be "professional productions" that have been "performed" by "artists" in the "industry." They are simply a scrapbook of a few of the hundreds of songs and other gifts that disciples of Jesus here in our city have offered to the other saints and their King during gatherings of Believers. There is no attempt here to compete with the system of the world, nor to engage "professionals" in vocals or instrumentation. No "nominal" christians (if there is such a thing, Luke 9:57-62) were involved in any of this work just because of "talent." Only followers and lovers of Jesus. These are our gifts to one another and Jesus, expressed in Life day-by-day... and now a gift to you. Just Family, loving on one another, and Jesus... and you. These songs were intended to be authored by and to belong to Jesus.

You are free to download these songs and share them with those you care about. Or, write to us for a free CD. HOWEVER, under NO circumstances are copies of this music to be sold or leased, nor are you allowed to re-record them as a part of any creative work being sold. (For any exceptions to these requirements, please write to us for permission and to say "Hi!") Furthermore, you are totally forbidden to perform these songs for money and YES, THAT INCLUDES any so-called "LOVE OFFERINGS" of any kind. God is jealous for what is His, so selling what is God's, to God's people, is a really, really bad idea. (Balaam's error, Jude 11)

A few more "notes" of interest (no pun intended...well, maybe slightly intended). Some have asked about sheet music. You can find that by clicking on the icon on the track. Also, a couple of these songs have been made into "music videos." Be sure to check out those at

May His Grace and Life be upon you, as you wear His Name, walk His Path, and place All At His Feet.
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