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The Android version of the Jesus Life Together App is now available on the Google Play Store. Support or feedback?

If you are having trouble with the app or if it seems you've lost your Prayer Journal, please contact JesusLifeTogether app support.

The Jesus of the Bible is wonderfully different than most religions that use His Name. Jesus had no ritual, no mind games, no attendance-based entertainment and speech shows, no dress-up, no hierarchy, no money-begging. The real Jesus, The Eternal Life, is amazing and life-altering. Jesus walks on water, raises the dead, and dazzles the heart and mind. Y'shua changes, empowers and enlivens all who cross His path. Jesus and His Life Together as "church" with "one another" is likely beyond anything you've ever imagined. Embark on the limitless journey Father has Designed for your Destiny!

If you ponder and wonder at what Jesus "looks like" living TODAY as Head of His Church, and what He can look like in your daily life and church, and are willing to pay the Price for the Pearl of Great Price in your life, family, and relationships, enter in. Join the millions and the fifty generations of those throughout the world in every language and nation who WILL have this Man Jesus to be their King.
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