From "See the Cross"
Involve yourself in the hearts and lives of those God has put in your life; the Cross is not optional!...More
Letting Jesus Be Lord
Life under Jesus’ Lordship is good and brings fellowship, protection and provision....More
What if YOU Were to Hear God, as Ezekiel Did?
Bodly approach God's throne like Jesus does, on other people's behalf. Step beyond doing 'right things' and get into the LIFE of God, for yourself, AND others!...More
To suggest that 'everyone' is 'supposed' to 'go into every nation' as many teachers and musicians have suggested--simply doesn't bear up under consideration of the Scriptural context....More
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In the Together-Life of those who seek first His Kingdom, love-notes between saints are a daily thing. Above are just a few of some spontaneous and practical seeds of hope and life that were passed along in the form of Jesus-centered Text Messages. Sneak a peek and share the joy.

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