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YOU Decide, Everyday


Some thoughts for the day...

1) Some people live PRIMARILY for what will make Jesus happy, and their decisions are based on THAT. Others die living for what makes THEM happy, and face disaster throughout life, and on the Last Day. You decide which you’ll be, every day.

2) Some people “love the light” and welcome input from God’s Family, the “Kingdom of Priests,” and grow Spiritually as a result. Others let their feelings get “hurt” and allow bitterness or anger or resentment or comparison to rot their hearts and steal their futures. We each choose every day which one we’ll be.

3) Some people pursue Truth when “stuff” jumps into their heads. They pray, they fast, they find out what Jesus thinks... and change accordingly. Others think about it ONLY in their own minds, by themselves—for days, or weeks, or months, or years. In so doing they have GIVEN satan a supernaturally dark and evil PLAYGROUND in their minds. Only rot and cancer and death can come from this course of thinking-pondering-speculating by one’s self, for long periods of time. GOD said, “CAST DOWN IMAGINATIONS.” Destroy those thoughts. “Confess your sins, one to another, and so be HEALED.” Those thoughts, no matter how “logical” or “realistic” they may seem, are not permitted in your brain. We will allow fasting and prayer and PURSUIT of Truth that sets prisoners FREE to destroy satan’s playground in our minds. We will NOT just “think to ourselves” for periods of time and give the enemy the opportunity to brainwash and enslave us that way.

In the end, EVERYONE decides for themselves if: 1) They’ll live for Jesus and others, not for themselves. 2) They LOVE the Light and WANT their deeds to be exposed and Jesus’ Ways to be their ways (Jn. 3; 1Cor. 3, 12). 3) Whether they will take charge of their thought lives, instead of being a slave to every thought that pops into their minds (MANY from the enemy, though masked in “realism” or “logic” or “obviously _____” ). May God Himself raise up a “Holy Race” that will be worshippers living wonderfully for Him this way, on both the easy days and the inevitable difficult ones! For the Saints of God, and for the Lamb!

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