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How About You and Me...?

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Being “Religious” isn’t enough. Jesus has to be your LIFE. How about you and me, and those near you or me? (-tim c)

“If there is one agreed-upon point in the current war of words about religion [in world and national politics], it is that religion is a very powerful force. Is it, though? I have my doubts, and they begin with personal experience. I am by most measures a pretty deeply committed Christian. I am quite active in my church; I teach at a Christian college; I have written extensively in support of Christian ideas and belief. Yet when I ask myself how much of what I do and think is driven by my religious beliefs, the honest answer is “not so much.” The books I read, the food I eat, the music I listen to, my hobbies and interests, the thoughts that occupy my mind throughout the greater part of every day—these are, if truth be told, far less indebted to my Christianity than to my status as a middle-aged, middle-class man.

“When people say that they are acting out of religious conviction, I tend to be skeptical; I tend to wonder whether they’re not acting as I usually do, out of motives and impulses over which I could paint a thin religious veneer but which are really not religious at all.”

—Alan Jacobs, professor at Wheaton College (Billy Graham’s alma mater—obviously a “christian college” doesn’t mean a thing in and of itself—anyone can do that), “Too Much Faith in Faith”, The Wall Street Journal, 6 June 2008, p. W11

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