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Would We Just Be Content With Pleasing Jesus?


Hi friends. I listened to the tape, “Are You This Man’s Disciple?” this morning again, after several years, and realize it’s no accident I was led to hearing it. A brother shared something on that tape that reminded me of something very important to consider:

“...Would you be willing to be broken and to be purged with no benefit (no wonderful results in Australia, Washington state, Nigeria, South Africa, etc.—my insert), with being no more useful to Me, but just pleasing Me... I AM, WHO AM?” It was easy for Peter to be the disciple of a man who walked on water, that gathered great multitudes, and healed the lame... But on the day Jesus was to be crucified, what about being the disciple of a “man who’s scourged and whose name is rejected as evil, accused of being a false teacher and blasphemer of God, not defending himself, a man like a lamb led to the slaughter, silent before His shearers? No grace and majesty on the external side...” I don’t want to be ashamed of Jesus when things don’t look so good, when faced with the scandalon. Love, S


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