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Save Your Emotions for Heavenly Concerns


When words are many, sin is not absent, but the one who holds their tongue is wise. Proverbs 10:19

Can you relate to this variation?

When EMOTIONS are many, sin is not absent, but the one who holds their feelings in check is wise.

Have you ever noticed how a respected brother or sister can SEEM emotionally disengaged from some seen-world concern compared to those around them? Like the time in the stormy boat, the disciples are panicking for their lives while Jesus calmly sleeps.

It isn’t that the mature in Christ aren’t emotional. They feel. Deeply. Often MORE deeply than those around them. But they don’t waste emotion on seen-world, flesh-based concerns. And in choosing not to react to those base impulses, they store up emotion for the Occasion when the Spirit of Christ wants to express Himself in strong emotion, whether compassion or anger, sadness or laughter. The mature save and spend their emotions wisely, investing them ONLY in Vital Heavenly Concerns. The immature and carnal waste their emotions on worldly flea market trifles only to find that their spree has left them penniless for the Moments that Count.



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