A Revolution Without Dancing...

Is a Revolution Not Worth Having!

The honest observer is watching the world fall apart at the seams... World economies in a Gordian twist... Political wars between nations and individuals walking the gang plank of their own prejudices and deceptions... Meanwhile, the religious world finds itself in lifeless torpor - watching helplessly as they destroy their own families and children with substance-less emotion or ritual. The Holy Passion of God's Heart is that we share with one another the Koinonia that is between the Father and the Son. And That can only happen on the same terms with which They share Intertwined Life. Blood on the doorpost, and dealing with leaven in the House, are inseparably bound in the same Scripture. It is HIS Passion that we be One, AS Jesus and the Father are One - that the world may know we are His!


  1. Overview
  2. The Blood and Leaven
  3. On the topic of "disfellowship"...
  4. Desiring God’s Ways, Only
  5. Listening for His Melody
  6. What is "not" disFellowship?
  7. Vive La Difference!
  8. Painting Stripes Doesn't Change the Species
  9. Inescapably Daddy's Heart
  10. Even BABY Christians Know This, and Live It
  11. He Ordained Pruning to make His Garden Healthy and Beautiful!
  12. Pruning, DisKoinonia—How is it Implemented Biblically?
  13. Twisted Tale of the Wheat and Tares
  14. In a Lampstand
  15. Lost Life and Glory
  16. Who would even WANT "a Clean Stall"?!
  17. Real LIFE Stories
  18. "And None Dared Join Them"
  19. Different Kinds of Soil, Different Kinds of Responses
  20. All for Now


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