Twisted Tale of the Wheat and Tares


Time for some straight talk about something that we could allow to sabotage our Walk with Father in these matters. But, surely no one would want to be shipwrecked, so we want to know what pleases Father. We don’t want anything but Jesus and His Truth, right? So, here goes. A common destructive error, often taught by those who are more interested in money and power than in pleasing Y’shua, is to teach something quite insidious. Some attempt to pass off a delusional version of “the parable of the wheat and tares.” Some use this Parable to try to teach that leaven in the church is totally allowable, and not worth obeying the Commands to “remove the leaven.” They say, “Let GOD do it—you can ignore the Commands from Jesus and the Apostles, because after all, Jesus said that weeds will grow up alongside the wheat, and there’s nothing you should do about it.”

Though you will see how unBiblical and destructive this path is, it is more common than you could ever imagine. The Laodicean “Pastors” say, “Don’t you remember how Jesus said to LET the weeds grow up in the church? Remember He said, ‘the field is the church,’ right?” That is actually a very cunning and catastrophic lie by “the builders”—calculated to justify leaven and disobedience (in spite of numerous clear Scriptures) for the purpose of power, comfort, popularity, and financial security. If you look it up, what Jesus actually said is “the field is the WORLD.” He does not say, “the field, where all the weeds and wheat grow together, is the church.” Wow, is that wrong and destructive teaching.

Understanding what Jesus really said will make all the difference in whether we decide to blend in with the lukewarmness that Jesus “vomits”—or move ahead and explore His beauty and love and glory in the church, as “the Bride makes herself ready.” If you desire God’s Presence and Power, it is not possible to ignore or overlook these Holy matters. Ask Ananias and Sapphira, and Peter, if we can just overlook sin and brush it under the rug in the church. God doesn’t think so. It matters. So, one more time. Those who desire to please men and so cease to be God’s servants (Gal.1:10) say, “Let the wheat and tares grow together in the CHURCH, and Gawd will take care of it all.” Jesus instead Commands that we “get the leaven OUT of the batch” (the Church).

So, what is the Parable of the wheat and the tares all about? It’s not complicated. Jesus Calls us to aggressively be “in the world but not of it.” We cannot, and should not TRY to separate ourselves from the other inhabitants of planet earth by attempting to build a utopian country or city, or retreat to a “christian community” to hide-away from unBelievers. We cannot do so. We are to be “the Light of the world” and “shine like stars in the universe,” as a “City set on a hill” that cannot be “hidden under a bushel basket,” that “they may see our good deeds” and “see how we love one another.” Now how are we going to do all of THAT, if we are playing hide-and-seek, and trying to “start something” in a gimmicky fake-utopian hideaway? The “salt of the earth” mustn’t pretend that we are not here to “seek and save that which is lost” by pulling away from our Responsibility as “ambassadors of Christ,” the “treasure in earthen vessels.” And so, as the Master Rabboni said and LIVED, we relate practically Together in daily life, in the midst of the “wicked and adulterous generation.” It’s not “either/or”—it’s both.

But know this: “the field is the WORLD,” not “the field is the church.” He Commanded “get the leaven OUT of the batch.” God was clearly referring to the Church. He did NOT “contradict Himself” obviously, by then saying “Leave the leaven in the church and let it grow and take over My church.” In the Church “we are to judge” those “who call themselves brothers” (look it up). But, in the WORLD we cannot, and must not try to “separate the wheat from the tares.”

We must allow the world to “see how we love one another”—not pull away into some kind of “commune” where we cannot reach those who are hungry for Him. And, as we are daily One with Him and each other, “joined and knit together by every supporting ligament” and “contending as One man for the faith,” living as “a hundred mothers, brothers, and sisters” WHILE in the midst of those held captive by the enemy in fear and pride and love of the world… then we have a Testimony that is “not of this world.” We are not responsible for “results” or “numbers,” and “recruiting sheep” is a terrible idea. But, we are responsible to “go to the highways and compel them” (neighbors, coworkers, biological family members, acquaintances) to come into Jesus’ arms.

So, what about the “tares”—the “weeds” that are in the world we will not hide from? While “in the world but not of it,” the Devil will always, in this lifetime, attempt to harm us with his deluded human, religious puppet-servants, and a host of demons. In this WORLD, there will always be wheat and tares mixed in the field. But GOD said, “Get the leaven OUT of the batch in the Church. Therefore, it makes perfect sense just as Jesus said. The wheat and tares are in the “world”—not the Church.

It is our privilege and honor to “set captives free” and do “greater works” by His Spirit. Still, “the road is narrow” and “few will be those who find it.” We, too, will weep over those that He “would have gathered as a hen gathers her chicks, but THEY would not.” In this world we shall have tribulation. But, we rejoice that HE has overcome the world, and we are more than conquerors, through Him who loves us.
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