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Movies used for clips in our videos were from edited versions only, (which mainly remove immorality, immodesty and bad language).

The short clips of movie or music included in some of these videos are the copyright property of their original "artists" or "studios". While we do own many licenses to the creative and copyrighted excerpts included here, and it is common that folks worldwide put text or photographs to music or video, it's still probably worth mentioning that the excerpts used here are acceptable and legal based on a 1994 Supreme Court ruling regarding the definitions of the "fair use provisions" in section 107 of the Copyright Act. However, if someone knows of some more recent Supreme Court action that would negate the 1994 precedent, please let us know. Otherwise, where applicable, licenses to material have been purchased or approval granted. Intro songs such as "The Call" are from various sources, including Kendall Payne, available at CBD.

©2009 All Rights Reserved. All videos are available completely free of charge, for viewing or for downloading. They are a gift from some who are deeply and forever in love with Jesus. May we all be forever committed to loving and obeying Jesus every day, no matter what.

Place All At His Feet and be encouraged and filled with God's Life and Peace.
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