Fake Jesus Show

Not being "mean" here. :) Just sayin' :) Not sure who made the video, but very insightful as to human religion and how humans are manipulated, even when the "words" are right. Just sayin'. :)

This attached "contemporary hip video" depicts one form of religion that HATES Heb.10:26 and Luke 9 with a passion. You'll see in this video some of the emotional and flesh-motivating "techniques used on you" -- if you are not Seeing through Jesus' eyes the world around you. "From now on, we see no man (and nothing) after the flesh."

No matter what culture says, it is not "optional" to misrepresent Jesus, His character, or His Bride. These things in the video are NOT part of Jesus, but instead a petrie dish for leaven.

The "anathema" of a false religion does NOT challenge the devil; greasy grace and sloppy agape will not "save us from the evil of this age" but only sugar-coat Bible Truth. Cultural man-made religion leaves out anything that would hinder man's empire-building, manipulating human emotions as demonstrated adequately in this video. According to those previously "behind the curtain" in religious organizations, the "show" is done in order to increase "attendance" (an unBiblical idea in itself, since "attendance" is NOT the same as RELATIONSHIP, but only a counterfeit, as are FaceBook, Twitter, and "social networking" that hides a person's true character).

Today's religions wearing Y'shua's Name are generally controlled by men and laced with entertainment. This is all done to create an addiction amongst the masses and "financial givers". Entertainment addictions are today as strong as the drugs that roman catholics once used on the masses: "guilt" and "fear".

We're not called to "conform to the patterns of the world" or accept them. We're called instead to embrace the CROSS, take up ours -- and then (and ONLY then) be able to experience the supernatural Resurrection Life He intends for us! Hallelujah!

Some, for reasons of self-interest, prefer to sugar-coat Truth, supposedly "reaching out". And yet it is their own membership and clergy who are unChallenged to "come out from the world and be Separate". Instead of calling out to a "wicked and corrupt generation" to fall at Jesus feet and abandon evil ways and their lives totally for Him, they instead build a "membership" out of darkness and compromise under the masquerade of "grace" or "love" that are NOT the "grace" or "love" that Jesus and the Apostles taught or practiced. It is no wonder that so many around the world have reached the conclusion, "If THAT is Jesus, if those kinds of lives represent Jesus -- count me out."

"Friendship with the world makes us enemies of God."

"Times of Refreshing come from repentance" and "He came to bless us by turning us from our evil ways." :) (Acts 3)

Come on Saints! Let's not be gullible by flesh and fear, and DISCERN what is of our Master, Rabboni Y'shua, and all that is His Word and Character and Fruit. The aroma of the spirit of this age is inebriating to those who are not willing to Stand, of course. But "HE WHO IS IN YOU IS GREATER THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD."

The REAL Jesus is INCREDIBLE, as is HIS Bride!!

Settle for nothing less where you live, and with those you know.



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