Church Life

God has had much to say through the prophets, and the gospels, and throughout Acts and the Epistles and the book of Revelation about his desire to have a PEOPLE who TOGETHER by His Spirit overcome satan and the sin and evil that have so corrupted the world. If we're honest, we have to admit that this has been a mostly ignored topic in most christians' experiences, with verses such as Matt. 16: 17-19 Mark 10: 29-31, Eph. 3: 9-11, 1 Cor.12: 20-22, Heb. 3: 12-14 and a host of others largely dismissed as referring to nothing more than "attending services" on Sundays. And those who have recognized that it was never His intent to have a bunch of individual Christians just doing the best they can until He returns have often attempted to implement faddish ideas and programs that have fallen in and out of fashion over the years ("Church Life," "Body Life," "Cell Church," "House Church," "Kinship Groups," etc.). So what does it look like when Jesus' teachings in Matthew 5-7 are lived out in His people? What kinds of challenges and rewards can we expect along the way? Please consider the links below and find out what is in store for all those with the courage to LET HIM build His church in their lives!
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