Accept His Invitation: "Tadpole to Butterfly"!


A trustworthy saying worthy of full acceptation—for those who can See and Hear:

“The True JESUS kind of Christianity is not tadpole to frog, or caterpillar to butterfly. But TADPOLE—TO—BUTTERFLY!”

The song “Bullfrogs and Butterflies, they’ve both been born again” is kind of cute, to be sure. HOWEVER, the song is wrong. Dead wrong. The ONLY kind of Christianity on this planet that is Real…can NOT be described as cleverly attempted in that song, as the change of a tadpole to frog, or a caterpillar to butterfly. THAT is a death wish for everyone who buys into that cute theory.

TRUE BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY is something far more beautiful than that!

It is the Transformation of that tadpole…to a BUTTERFLY.

The problem with man’s religion, however well-meaning, and no matter the good deeds or cleaning up of folkways and mores, “bad” habits broken, or lifestyle or personality change—is that it only expects a “transformation” of tadpole to frog, or caterpillar to butterfly. That sounds radical, but there is no real change as scientists will affirm—except a stage of THE SAME life. “Attending” services instead of not, giving up alcohol or cigarettes, staying home and playing with the children more, having “bible studies” or helping at a “soup kitchen” or “missions”—NONE OF THESE MEAN ANYTHING in themselves. Any pagan can do so.

Nikita Krushchev, the communist tyrant, memorized nearly the entire Bible. Many mass murderers have “given up smoking and drinking,” and many with foul, twisted evil lives work at soup kitchens. They look very spiritual on sunday morning and doing their good deeds, but these things can be done by any atheist, and are frequently. “Mother Theresa” herself proclaimed, “We’re saved by Mary” to a man we know who was visiting her (thus admitting demon worship to him), and admitted in her journal, discovered after her death, that she did not believe in God. Man’s religion means NOTHING. “Change” of habits or standards or lifestyle mean nothing, in themselves. ANYONE can do that. Olympic athletes “deny themselves” most luxuries and pleasures for their own personal goals. Anyone can do that.

But, CHRIST-IANITY the way JESUS defined it, lived it, and empowered it—is something very different! It is not merely changing from a tadpole to a frog, or from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

In such cases, the “outside of the cup” is very changed! But here’s the kicker: the DNA of the slimy tadpole or the grungy caterpillar is unchanged in any way! They are still the same creature! Just as a fertilized human egg has precisely the same DNA as the 100 year old man or woman that came from that fertilized egg, appearances can change drastically and there be NO miracle happen of any kind! Change is often good, but if it’s not a MIRACULOUS CHANGE OF DNA, JESUS SAID IT IS NOT CHRISTIANITY AT ALL. Most “churches” don’t even understand this simple Truth, and therefore “accept” anyone who makes a claim of having “said a prayer” as being a walking Miracle, in spite of all that the BIBLE says are necessary Proofs that the Holy Spirit now lives within and DNA is MIRACULOUSLY CHANGED by the WIND OF HEAVEN.

True Christianity, the kind in the New Testament, the New Covenant with man is more akin to a tadpole turning into a BUTTERFLY. Tadpole to frog, or caterpillar to butterfly is a change of state. Tadpole to Butterfly is a MIRACLE. That alone, according to Jesus and the Apostles who knew Him can be called Salvation, Conversion—a “mere human” becoming a CHRISTIAN, sins washed away, Indwelt now by the Person of Jesus as a mere human has chosen to abandon themselves into Covenant and Clothing with the Father by Jesus Christ. That CHANGE OF BEING, proofs given by the Apostle of Love, is what was foretold by the Prophets David, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Zechariah, Isaiah, and later by Y’shua Himself and His Apostles as “the New Covenant.” (For careful reading in context.)

This New Covenant Miracle LIFE—the Spirit of Christ Himself, Indwelling, was first Demonstrated in Acts 2:36-47, and True Christianity CAN BE NO LESS TODAY—than it was in its mere infancy!

THAT is for certain!

Quit messing around. Quit just hanging around with the “Five Virgins” who accept religion rather than Miracle Life. Those five are, surprise, surprise, NOT GOING IN TO BE WITH JESUS (Matthew 25)—no matter how many good deeds or how good they attend “services.”

Accept His Invitation! Call out to Jesus for the MIRACLE of “Tadpole to Butterfly” and quit accepting mere religion of “tadpole to frog”. : )
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