Granny :)


“...In general she is very worried these days about the fact that she is forsaking the assembly.”

MAKE SURE SHE KNOWS THAT HEBREWS 10:25 SAYS NOTHING ABOUT “SERVICES,” and there is NOTHING in the context to SUGGEST a “holy day” or “ceremony” or catholic/protestant “sacraments”!! The Scripture to which she refers is about NOT LIVING AS A LONER or VISITOR to others’ lives and homes. It is about taking responsibility, under Command, to be committed to CONNECTED AND COLLECTED LIFE. It’s about BEING WITH MULTIPLE BELIEVERS IN THE SAME PLACE, OFTEN, SHARING CHRIST’S LIFE and “SPURRING ON” the Chosen in practical ways.

It’s a Command to “not forsake Gathered-Life,” where “spurring on” is given and received; but, it surely cannot, in context or by Apostolic example, have anything to do with “attending” a dress-up function to listen to a speech or take a sacrament. The Scripture just doesn’t say that, nor did anyone in the Bible DO that. The Command actually goes far DEEPER than that. : )

Ironically, for many, because of no practical, sanctified LIFE-Connectedness, but just “attendance” by many “lukewarm” “members,” Paul said (1Cor.11) their “meetings do more harm than good,” and their “Lord’s Supper” was not acknowledged by God at all. Because of disconnected, unsanctified lives, they are “forsaking the gathering of themselves together”—even when they are in the same place at a “meeting,” according to the Spirit and Scriptures!

Granny is around Believers more than about any person on earth, if she would open her heart to Jesus. IF her heart were Alive to Jesus, she would never need to forsake Gathered-Life. It’s a heart thing! And, it’s happening all around her every day!
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