His Bouquet


In the storm offer your gift to Jesus. Together our gifts are a beautiful bouquet for Father… What flower will you give Jesus today? Flower, I give to You, Offered simply freely, Just one at a time every day, Blossom. In the storm…One person offers Jesus a flower. It is beautiful by itself, but…when MANY Together each offer Jesus a flower through simple choices, it is a magnificent bouquet to Father’s Glory, Honor, Pleasure, Delight. Flowers, Our gift to You, Grown in secret places, Delicately bound into One, Bouquet. Both the difficult and easy days have flowers to give Jesus. They come in all shapes and sizes… faith, perseverance, self-control, peace, gratitude, loyalty, hope, courage, stability, simplicity, pure thoughts. I will not offer to God that which costs me nothing! resilience, selfless sacrifice, patience, worship, trust, vulnerability, honesty, unfailing LOVE, unconditional LOVE, uncompromising LOVE, unwavering LOVE. What flower will you give Jesus today?

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