I like dem odds!


We have all heard the mortality statistics, probably? “It is 100 times more likely that a person will die in a motor vehicle accident, than in an airplane.” True. “It is 50 times more likely that a person will die by falling down stairs—than by lightning, a dog bite, or an earthquake.” Also, all true. “The odds of dying by falling off a ladder, or by dying in an airplane crash, are almost exactly the same.” Correct. So, how about some real statistics ---- that matter: “The odds of dying—EVEN in a hungry den of lions—when you are praying and obeying God by being there—are ZERO—if He wants you alive as the greater Message and Future.” “It is more likely to die of starvation falling off a ladder during a famine on an airplane, while your plane is hit by lightning during a flood, after a dog bites the aileron... than it would be to die eaten by hungry lions in a small room. That is, if you are obeying God, and He wants you there, or in a blast furnace, or anywhere else—for His Purpose and Statement—your odds of survival are 100%.” The moral? Obey God without question. HE is the Author, the Alpha, the Omega. No man can open a door He has shut, or close a door He has opened. I like dem odds!


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