Where Light and Shadow Blend


In a world where light and shadow blend,

Where truths and half-truths twist and bend,

A call, as soft as a whisper, ascends,

From the One whose love never ends.

He speaks of a path, narrow and steep,

Where thorns are plenty and waters deep,

A journey of surrender, a leap,

Away from where earthly treasures sleep.

“Die to pride,” He gently says,

To the applause and worldly praise,

To the ego’s relentless, meandering ways,

And find the peace that forever stays.

“Forsake your love for the world’s embrace,

Its glittering promises, its frantic race,

The possessions that time will surely erase,

And in My love, find your grace.”

He warns of idols, of kin and pleasure,

Those temporary loves we so treasure,

Urging us to seek a higher measure,

In His love, find the truest leisure.

“For to be My friend, to walk My road,

To bear with grace life’s heavy load,

To be cleansed in blood I freely flowed,

You must leave behind what you once owed.”

“Give away your pride, your clinging to kin,

Your lust for pleasure, your bondage to sin,

Trust in Me, let My spirit in,

And a new life, reborn, shall begin.”

“But fear not the loss, nor the cost,

For what’s gained is worth far more than what’s lost,

In surrender, your paths with My will are crossed,

And in My blood, your fears are tossed.”

So whispers Jesus, in the silence of hearts,

Inviting us to His love, as the old self departs,

In giving away, our true life starts,

In His grace, He our new name imparts.

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