What Do World Religions Say About Jesus?

We live in a world of fear and cowardice and superstition, a world where cartoons evoke great wrath - and fear to publish such a cartoon is called "tolerant." Consider the cycle of history amongst the man-made religions. Behold the awesome "power" of religion and its violence, as well as the fearful, superstitious and worldly people who refer to themselves as "tolerant" while displaying instead cowardice and selective "acceptance" of one religion or form of immorality, but not another. A little bit of historical perspective helps to understand the place to which we've come in our generation. Every world religion ebbs and flows, while Jesus does not and never will. Genghis Khan easily rode his horse into Islamic religious buildings and trampled their holy books under his horse's hooves. No one attacked Genghis Khan for drawing a cartoon. He did whatever he wanted and no one stopped him. Why? Because power and violence and money and fear and superstition and man-pleasing momentum in a culture are the true prime movers of man's religions and the acceptance of the masses. This is how it truly is, says history and His-Story, whether in America with vast oceans of cultural religion that bear no resemblance to what Jesus taught or did, or Islamic or Buddhist or Hindu nations. Jesus is unlike any of that, forever "Other" and inviting us to Him and His Father and a fellowship with the Godhead, with Heaven and with "one another" in a totally abandoned Life called Church, called Ekklesia, called Koinonia - against which the gates of Hell cannot withstand!



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