Islamic extremism seems to be now “striking fear” in many hearts—much as “communism” and the “Soviet Union” had created fear and panic, some thirty and forty years ago now, for those who remember. Many a book was sold, still without apology, with a christian attempt to make communism into a northern Bear. Gog and Magog were vitally connected to communism in all of these “best cellars.” Now, it seems it is Islamic extremism’s turn to create panic and fear and paranoia—even though, interestingly, the qur’an has the muslims dreading Yagog and Magog, as well.

Certainly, the violence and hatred perpetrated and permeated by all terrorists (whether muslim or of more “western-popular” religions) is terrible and unwelcome. And yet, as we read our Bibles, there seems no place for Islam to be bringing about the end of the world. That’s not how the Story ends. Not in the Bible.

Now, that’s not to say extremist terrorism couldn’t wreak some serious damage to capitalism and democracy. They’ve created mayhem and destruction and death to implement their system in foreign lands before, a few centuries ago, of course. Others, such as the Nazi terrorists and racists attempted the world-takeover thing as well. Perhaps predictably (knowing how even the Romans and Jews can kiss—when Jesus is a common enemy), history shows that the Nazi racism, and violent prideful war for superiority in the 1930’s and 1940’s—took place with physical assistance from an unlikely, non-Aryan ally... the muslims.

Even so, there seems to be no Biblical-Prophetic mandate that Islamic extremism will “take over the world.” There is no BIBLICAL reason to anticipate them doing so. Scour Ezekiel and Daniel and the Revelation, the Prophetic of Jesus in Matthew 24 and elsewhere, and you’ll not find substantive Evidence that anything like Islamic terrorism will conquer or end the world. Not that they haven’t, or won’t, cause a major stink and inflict some pain, as all religious terrorists do, whether pseudo-christian Western, or Middle-Eastern. But, there is no reason Biblically to work terrorism into any eschatological theories, probably. It will be attempted, no doubt, as communism was (the “enemy-de jour”) in years past. But, often, it seems we confuse an attack on capitalism, or a form of government, or an attack on geographic dirt—as an attack on Jesus, by the ferocious Dragon. Seldom is that actually the case.

SO, if Islamic terrorism has no Biblical or Prophetic or Eschatological Mandate for taking over the world, or ending the world—then we should likely conclude, as with the other forms of fascism historically, that they will fail in their attempts to accomplish these feats to end the world, to usher in a new Elysian Age from another realm.

Since their failure is then imminent, at least in some larger time-frame, how or why will they fail? Certainly prayer, and a Stand by the faithful, against a ruthless and unloving false God muslims attempt to propagate is our obvious calling. “God did NOT give us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and sound mind.” And, “THIS is HOW all men will know you are My disciples—by the love you have one for another.” There is no fear when His People are truly living like, “a hundred mothers, brothers, sisters, lands, possessions, persecutions, Forever-Life.” Our part is Spiritual, not engaging endlessly in the impotent “plain of Ono” political gestures of “civilian affairs.” That “power of an Indestructible Life” Together—is our Calling anyway. With or without the middle-eastern terrorists, or the western religious terrorists—intolerant, racists, and prejudiced. It’s just basic Christianity to live as 1Cor.12 in a “wicked and perverse generation.” That’s our part: Jesus as Head, and “joined and knit together” “we being many are One” “contending as one Man for the Faith”—as we live out “God’s Intent, NOW through the church.” That’s always our “part”—to yield and live in Him and for Him, Together. The chips fall where they may. : )

But, what about the “mighty” extreme terrorists threats? Well, if we ponder and “reverse-engineer” the potential means of their now-certain demise, let’s ask ourselves “what could happen” to cause them to implode and be destroyed?

Would it be God’s direct Intervention, as He did in not so dissimilar circumstances, in Gen.11? It could happen that way. Beyond question.

OR will the gutting and implosion and demise of islamic false religion terrorism be by... SELF-inflicted fatal wounds? Will their fall be by the already-known and proven successful strategy for destroying a people: they cultivate a “great number of teachers” to start various doctrines and factions of “prosperity doctrine” and “end times” pre—and post—and a-, and “of this world” reigns and third comings, and spiritual talk of “acceptable” food and garments and head-wear. Yes, I think that would work to splinter them to smithereens! And, a few of them could get very wealthy from television, and selling seats in their arenas, peddling for money and power, nickels and noses... superstition, form, holyman-hierarchy, personality and ritual, magic and spells and sentiment, books and music for sale, and words and inventive doctrines for branding.

Ah yes, that would end them, too.

Wouldn’t it?


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