Life Amidst the Flowers

Dance like no one is watching… Love like you’ve never been hurt… Sing like no one is listening… Live Like Heaven is On Earth…and

Sleep like you get to get up and do it all day again tomorrow (because hopefully you do)!


A few months back I was really struggling with my “to do” pile. It had grown to an “impossible” and “insurmountable” pile. From the dirty dishes to the "life-changing," from the “mundane” to the “Important,” from the “have to do” to the “really want to do” -- everything was weighing on me because I couldn’t see a path through that “completed it all” in a “Jesus did all things well” style.

And then a simple reminder emerged with the dew. My only desire and “goal” is to Walk with and IN HIM--"being wicked up like a candle in His flame." In THAT Zoe Life IN Him, every “task” I touch He transforms into a flower. Every day is an opportunity to pick those flowers and offer back to Him that bouquet at the end of any Given day.

But the “transformation” doesn’t happen from good intentions and just “getting through the day.” (The flesh can “bear up” and “buck up” and “get through” a lot—Yuck!) The transformation only happens IN HIM. A life completely yielded.

The only way to be a contributor to HIS Life is IN HIM—with me as a mere empty glove and Him the beautiful hand within.

So let me declare that I Believe in HIS Power, for every moment of every day… not “hyper-spiritual,” but a recognition that even “a cup of water” can be Beautiful.

So I’m not going to :

“Bear” my way through it

“Plow” my way through it

“Coffee” my way through it

“Zone out” my way through it

“Pass the buck” my way through it

“Shuffle” my way through it

“Cry” my way through it

“Deep breathe” my way through it

Instead, I am going to LOVE my way through it!

IN HIM is the only way to "fly." And the Power that rose Jesus from the grave LIVES. IN. ME.

In Him, all of life is a field of flowers just waiting to be picked! "From Him, Through Him, and To Him" is every bouquet.


Life Amidst the Flowers

In her world, the tasks never sleep,

She stands amidst a towering heap,

Duties mount high, impossible to tame,

Yet unfazed, she smiles, fueled by inner flame.

Her pile grows higher, a “daunting” sight to see,

Overwhelmed? Nooo, she refuses to let it be,

For in her heart, HIS Spirit strong and bright,

She sees each task, a flower in His light.

So with grace, she chooses, a flower from her pile,

And the task transforms, in her Master’s smile,

With that touch of His oil, things are never the same.

IN Him crafting beauty, from even mundane.

Fashioning bouquet, she plucks task after task,

Unlimited arrangements, the garden abask,

Wrapping each finished “duty,” in a bow of delight,

A gift to her King, Oh His smile, what a sight.

Strength in His Presence, found with each morning dew,

Inspired, embracing, all she needs to do.

Hopeful Resilience, celebrating His power,

Conquering the impossible, hour by hour,

Honoring her King, Steadfast and Pure.

Willingly, Cheerfully, In His arms Secure

No matter her load, she perseveres in love,

For Jesus the hand, she the glove.

So if your tasks swirl, and don’t ever sleep,

Learn to stand tall in your towering heap,

And as duties mount high, become impossible to tame,

Fix your eyes on Jesus, be wicked up in His flame.

1 Corinthians 15:58 AMP Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, be steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the work of the Lord [always doing your best and doing more than is needed], being continually aware that your labor [even to the point of exhaustion] in the Lord is not futile nor wasted [it is never without purpose].

“Raise your level of energy by Willingly and Cheerfully doing whatever Needs to be Done” -unknown
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