Revolution?! IN-DEED!

But will you pay the Price for the Pearl?! Real Love will cost you everything! Your nights, your stuff, your priorities, your weekends... your whole heart. :)


"Revolution" has right at the heart of it all..... REAL shaking, rocking, life and culture-changing Revolution to be sure, but Jesus’ Way is manisfested as ..... If i wanted to change the world I would start by loving you And if loving was all we knew We could change the world… It’s not about trying to “be someone”… It’s not about trying to “start something”… It’s not ambitious, arrogant, or divisive. It’s about loving the people around you into Greatness! Jesus is very Attractive! Let’s be like Jesus! Jesus is very, very contagious! It’s with a wink and a smile that we walk this out together. Every day let’s plant the Truth in love! Truth hurts sometimes, but eventually sets us Free! Water it with the tears of Jesus’ heart. Plant the Seed of the Word and water it in prayer, when no one else is watching. If we care that much, God will give Increase! Loving people into Greatness takes a little bit of time and patience. God will swing the door open, and we’ll know that He has visited His people! Revolution?! IN-DEED! God is opening our eyes to something special and precious and wonderful! When you’ve seen a rainbow, you can’t help telling people… “See it? This is what a rainbow looks like. Open your eyes!”
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