The Blood and Leaven


Ancient Egypt is widely known amongst archeologists and historians for its countless and diverse technological innovations, discoveries, and inventions. While of itself this isn’t a negative reputation, God, YHWH, the Creator of our small planet, has used this same “Egypt” in the Bible as a symbolic “type” of the fallen world system. By His Oath, we also know this: The world system, in its arrogant defiance of His Ways and Commands, is His enemy.

In view of Father’s choice of the word “Egypt” to foreshadow His judgment of the rebellious, proud, independent, bellicose world system, it is not surprising to discover that one of the “technological discoveries” that Egypt birthed a thousand years before the pyramids... was the use of “leaven” in bread-making.

“Leaven in the batch,” technically, is the fermenting acidic corruption caused by fungi or bacteria, or foreign substance, introduced into a batch of bread dough. This foreign matter reacts, reproduces, and consumes within the dough, spreading voraciously within the batch. This reaction causes gas to be released, and a matrix structure is formed, completely altering the state of the dough. The “foam” resulting as the “dough rises” and then bakes is often considered more “palatable”—“lighter” and “softer” and “easier to tear into small pieces for consumption.”

Egypt, the world system, brought leaven to the world as a way to make bread easier to tear apart—to fill it with gas, and soft foam. “Egypt” brought this “leaven” into proximity of God’s People. The “leaven” of “friendship with the world” and its idols and pleasures and bonds has given God’s People a choice. Do we accept in God’s House the spreading, fermenting “shadow” of leaven—the spreading fungi and bacteria of alien life-form worldliness and sin generally ascribed to the word “leaven” in the Bible? Or will God’s true People heed God’s plea and command to rid the House of leaven? Will we choose, as He commands, to reject the introduction of alien organisms that “soften” Truth in order to make God’s House more “palatable,” but changes its very substance to something unacceptable to God?

It is Satan’s goal to diminish the Life of Jesus in His People. This, of course, allows the unBelieving world to rightfully be repulsed at the hypocrisy and lukewarmness they see “in the church.” When “church-attenders” they personally know from their workplace or neighborhood are totally unlike Jesus, who could blame the average person for wanting nothing to do with that “religion”? Most of what the common person has seen in “christendom” is little more than money begging and pressure, and hawking religious wares—such as marketing and selling books, music, pot-holders, plaques, and sermons, while promoting and filling the bank accounts of mere humans. This is all not appreciably different today than with the “buyers and sellers” Jesus drove out of His House with a whip. And then there are the televised magic shows with sleight of hand and group mindlessness, rather than holiness and God’s Love and power. And all of the above is emotionally greased with entertainment steeped in hypocrisy, if one were to know much of the true stories of studios, entertainers, and the insiders’ industry. This business is very unlike Jesus of Nazareth, our Messiah and King, or the church of Acts 2:42-47 and 1Cor.12.

All of that said, it would SURELY take more than “two scoops of crazy on their Sunday Morning cereal” to get the average unBeliever with integrity and intelligence to “buy into” a “church” (loosely defined) that has been marketed by name as being “like Jesus” when it is not.

By contrast, “this is HOW all men will know you are My disciples”—by the Quality of Life and Love the unBelievers SEE among you, according to Jesus Himself (John 13-15). If folks actually see a part of Him—a visible, Biblical, Living, daily, vibrant church that looks like Jesus—perhaps Jesus might be very attractive to that same otherwise skeptical unBeliever. We can surely understand now that it is not by accident that God forbids leaven in His Church (1Cor.5). Moreover, to prepare us for this Truth (1Cor.10:1-11, Heb.3:7-10:39), He has historically forbidden leaven in the “shadow” Covenant, the Old Testament, in all burnt sacrifices to Him.

Likewise and very remarkably, it is no accident that leaven MUST be removed from the house, on the day of the Passover. As you recall, this is that great and terrible and awesome day the Death Angel would “Pass Over” God’s People, showing them favor. In order to find this unmerited favor, God Commanded both the Lamb’s Blood on the doorpost AND the removal of all leaven from a house that would desire Salvation from the Black Angel’s curse of death. Not “either” but “both.”

Why would God Command both the Lamb’s Blood AND the removal of all leaven from the house of those who would be His People? There are many “teachers” (Acts 20:30-31) who for reasons of pride, power, and pesos “forget” to tell one part, or the other, of this Story. Both are essential to God’s Heart and Word.

And now, in both the Old Covenant and New, any house desiring protection from the Destroyer will be very thorough in BOTH placing the Blood of the Lamb on the doorpost, AND removing the leaven from within the house. The Blood of the Lamb and the removal of leaven from the House are absolutely linked by God Himself. Mere humans cannot arbitrarily make up their own “doctrines” to emphasize the Blood, while rebelling against other things GOD said. Some prefer to ignore leaven (careless love of the world or willful sins) in His House. Some erroneously and unBiblically claim, “the Blood covers our refusal to love and obey our Father. It doesn’t matter what GOD has Commanded, we are not required to deal with the leaven in the House. God made a mistake. God must not understand the Blood on the doorpost.” Others, focus on leaven removal, in their lives and others, and think somehow “being good enough” will influence Salvation in some way. These do not truly trust and embrace the Blood of the Lamb as their all in all. Subsequently, this neglect of “the washing of Regeneration” and the Reconciliation of Jesus’ Blood, can only live in a Lifeless legalism and empty form of religion. This place, too, is powerless. Without complete reliance on the Blood of Jesus as our ONLY standing, good days or bad, before the Father we have and are nothing. “Clothed in Christ” is where our full weight must be placed, and remain, as our only hope. Washed in His Blood, we live in full and complete confidence.

It’s not “either/or” but both, saith the Lord. Most forms of religion prefer to choose between these two Truths, regarding the Blood on the doorpost and the dealing with leaven in the house. Many, even “teachers,” cannot understand the riches of God’s Word that calls us to “both” full weight on the Blood, AND removal of leaven from the House, as the Scriptures teach. And yet, this is KEY to our future as the “Bride makes herself ready” for the Return of her Groom, Jesus. “The Spirit AND the Bride say, ‘Come!’” He has given us a role. He “will soon crush satan under OUR feet” (Rom.16:20, 25-27). This was not a “typographical” error in the Scriptures, any more than John 3:16 or any Truth of the Word of God. It all makes sense Together.

And, as the Word of God testifies, the Lamb’s Blood and the removal of leaven from the House are inextricably linked in the Word and Ways of God—by His wisdom and love—forever. (Lev.2:11, 6:17, Exo.12, Josh.5:10-12, 1Cor.5:6-8, Gal.5:9, James 4:4, Rom.12:1-2, 2Cor.6:14-7:1.)

Of course there are always consequences when we think we know more than God about what “grace” means, or make up doctrines about how the “Blood” infers we can refuse to deal with leaven, in spite of what God said about the matter. The Hebrews writer speaks much of the Blood, and yet Hebrews 6 and the last half of Hebrews 10 came from the same writer, and the same Spirit. “Conforming to the patterns of the world” and “loving the world and the things of the world” WILL invite the Destroyer, as surely as does refusing the skandalon of the Blood of the Lamb as our only hope. As in the parable of the Soils, Father knows that the leaven of the world and its loves and lusts will “choke” and kill the hearts and minds of those who might have lived and prospered and bore fruit, even in what seems to be only a “partially” leavened batch. In refusing the Blood or leaving the leaven in the House against His Desire and Command, the Dark one will start by destroying the firstborn, and then consume the rest of the family. Claiming “Blood on the doorpost” while ignoring HIS concurrent Call in the Scriptures to remove leaven, love of the world, and conformity to the priorities and ways of the world, is to invite Death. This must be painfully obvious to an honest observer of the religious world in this generation. As surely as removal of leaven without the Blood of the Lamb is useless, so also it is a lethal malignancy for one to claim Blood on the Doorpost while refusing or lethargically ignoring His Command to remove leaven from His House. This would be very unwise, to put it mildly.

“A little leaven leavens the WHOLE batch.”

As we offer ourselves in the Firstborn, Y’shua, to have His Blood on the doorpost, we must also recall that no fewer than twelve times in five New Testament Books, there is the repeated Command to remove leaven from our lives and the House. Understand this as we grapple Together with God’s Wisdom in vitally connecting the Lamb’s Blood with removal of leaven: God is not “legalistic,” but is infinitely wise and full of love. His “yoke is easy, and burden light.” Our best in honoring Him will “work together for our Good,” as we remain fully dependent on His Blood, and likewise fully desirous of His Will. The tension in this passionate meshing of these Truths will press us into the Most Holy Place with our shoes off, that we may all be “conformed to the family image of the Son” (Rom.8:28-29).

We are “made Perfect, and being made useful, set apart, holy” (Heb.10:12-39) to the praise of His Glory. The Blood of the Firstborn on the doorpost... is also our call to remove the leaven from the House, saith the Lord.
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