The content and topic of this book concerns “a Tool in God’s Toolbox” for radically changing lives. This topic of FELLOWSHIP and its necessary opposite is emphatic in the Bible, and in His Heart and Ways from the beginning of time. His Life, in His Way, builds a clear Testimony to Angels, as well as inhabitants of Earth, and in strengthening and equipping and protecting His People from the treachery and deceit of our mutual enemy, Satan. God’s Ways are Right, though mostly untried.

The town of Ai was allowed to devour God’s People because of the unwillingness of the church to care about what God cares about. That matter had to be resolved before they could go on with God.

So it is today.

The Holy Passion of God’s Heart is that we share with one another the Koinonia that is between the Father and the Son.

And That can only happen on the same terms with which They share Intertwined Life.

Blood on the doorpost, and dealing with leaven in the House, are inseparably bound in the same Scripture.

It is HIS Passion that we be One, AS Jesus and the Father are One, that the world may know we are His.

What does that look like in daily experience? What are the conditions, the building blocks, the alternatives? Read on. All the gimmicks and lingo and programs are totally useless if these crucial topics are ignored, and instead replaced with the temporary adrenaline rush of placebo, whether cultural or religious fad. But there are Answers in the Pearl of Great Price—Jesus Christ, and His Word, and the Life He demonstrated while visiting us here on this round rocket ship called Earth. If we would wear Jesus’ Name, then let’s embrace God’s Way, brought to us by the Man who could walk on water, THE Eternal Life!

Let’s Dance HIS Dance!

The honest observer is watching the world fall apart at the seams… World economies in a Gordian twist… Political wars between nations and individuals walking the gang plank of their own prejudices and deceptions… A maniacal media empowered with lust, lawlessness, seared conscience, and techno-fraud… World governments often filled with emotionally decrepit officers without honesty or justice, invoking bigotry and reverse-bigotry rather than law. Meanwhile, the religious world finds itself in lifeless torpor—watching helplessly as they destroy their own families and children with substance-less emotion or ritual.

Our Call, Together, is to humility, to hunger for Truth, and to consider THE PERSON AND WAYS OF JESUS CHRIST. Consider the real Jesus of the Bible, the One who Commands storms to “Be still!” He raises the dead and challenges us to High Ground. The Biblical Jesus is not the milquetoast, “figure-head,” entertainment-on-sunday version. If we will come to Him and His Truths, without rationalization and excuses, WE WOULD DISCOVER A LIFE, TOGETHER, THAT IS TRULY LIFE!

Those committed to darkness will hate the Biblical answers, of course. But some have searched for the Pearl—Jesus and His Life—their entire lives.

May He grant Life, Hope, and Love to all who will lay everything down on His Altar wherever they may reside, and lift holy hands in prayer and worship,

“That He would present it to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing—but that it should be holy and without blemish!” (Eph.5:27)

“God’s Intent is now, through the church, to make known His many-faceted Wisdom to even the principalities and powers.” (Eph.3:10)

“I will build My church, that the gates of Hell will not overcome.” (Mat.16:18)

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