On the topic of "disfellowship"...


Disfellowship is one of many Truths of God that we find to be both clear and mandatory in the Scriptures. And, as such, this “scary topic” of “disFellowship” is beyond question part of God’s Heart. Why would we have any motivation to ignore, disobey, or rationalize away something that is part of the very heart and mind of the One to whom we have abandoned ourselves in love? Of course we would never desire to pull away or choose self-love, self-preservation, or men’s foolish ways over our Father’s ways. “We make it our goal to please Him” (Col.1:10, 2Cor.5:9).

By definition, God and His Word are intimately intertwined (John1). And, remember, God even defines Himself as “Love” (though HIS definition of “love” is galaxies beyond our emotional and impotent definitions of love). We must then pause to be impressed with, rather than intimidated by, God’s Concept of “disFellowship”—as well as all other New Testament Truths that may “bother” our flesh, initially. Because “God is Love,” this dangerous topic of “disFellowship” is a GIFT to us, and a marvelous benefit to His Purposes amongst men—when understood properly and lived out together in His organic and creative Way. Even “disFellowship,” as it is taught in the Bible, is a Holy and beautiful Tool for accomplishing His Purposes. This is also reinforced and illustrated throughout the sixty years of writing and daily Life recorded by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament.

Now this next statement is unfortunate, but the accuracy of it is undeniable. Tens of thousands of testimonies and miles for over twenty years say that this next statement is true: Laodicean christendom, whether in living rooms or cathedral, storefront or warehouse, underground or above ground—generally always ignores or defies clear Scripture regarding “disFellowship.” One would suppose this would happen out of fear of God’s ways, or lack of knowledge of them, or lack of love of His Ways. And, this willing denial of His Commands and Ways happens on other “topics,” too. “That’s not practical.” “That was for then.” “Get the log out of your own eye.” That and other such smoke screens to hide disObedience are commonplace. Unfortunately, most of the religious world ignores God’s Word on marriage, child rearing, love of the world, clergyism, and numerous other “inconvenient truths.” If they only knew what they were costing themselves by second-guessing God and eating from the “Tree” of their own desire to be “gods, knowing good and evil” by their own human “wisdom” and desires.

As we journey into the topic of what disFellowship isn’t, what it is, and what the practical will then be in real live situations, one thing will stand out, and that is this: The really fun part of discussing disFellowship is that we are “forced” to spend most of our time talking about FELLOWSHIP. The Dance. :)

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