Lost Life and Glory


Let’s assume that you ARE, or someday will be, a vital, functional, daily part of a “Lampstand” and therefore a “Church” (“the seven Lampstands are the seven Churches”), from God’s Vantage point. Let’s say you do then live in daily Intertwined Koinonia. If so, then you will face crises from time to time that institutional, attendance-based religious organizations will never face.

When Fellowship is removed from a person whom the church was trying to love and help, but that person hardens his heart to Jesus (note the amazing context in the Verse just referenced!), they will generally scoff, blame, self-justify, and attempt to retaliate. The removal of Koinonia is very painful. True Fellowship is something so powerful, so Heaven-sent, and so unique that if someone benefited from even being near Koinonia, for months or years or decades, but then their consciences are seared, they will blow a gasket.

One who has given his flesh to the enemy, rather than to Jesus, and is an unregenerate pretender, will sometimes not repent. And if they do not, they will be literally obsessed for decades to come, with lying, hating, and stalking in attempt to retaliate, as we’ll see later. But, a confused or weak true Believer will soften and turn their life around to God when this “Tool in God’s Toolbox” of dis-Koinonia, the loss of “a hundred mothers, brothers, sisters…” takes place. And what a thing of beauty that is.

The commitment to and necessity of only accepting God’s Ways, daily Koinonia, in the church is obvious. This powerful Tool used by Father to help us “weak earthlings” is lost when we are “attendance-based” rather than daily-Life centered. There can be no “dis-Koinonia” or “dis-Fellowship” when Koinonia has not been our daily way of Life, as is God Ordained, in the first place. And thus, one of the great tragedies of modern christendom: Jesus became religiously “compartmentalized” into “a day and ceremony,” instead of ALL of those who have Jesus living WITHIN them, living the way Jesus lived with the Twelve. And naturally this would also be the way the one hundred and twenty lived with the three thousand (continuing as they grew, most say, to twenty thousand or so in Jerusalem).

When Koinonia was thrown away in religious organizations, one of Father’s magnificent Tools was simultaneously jettisoned, and access to much of the Life and Power of God was forgotten. When daily love in His Family was reduced to an “orphanage mentality” of attendance and “staff”—tragedy came calling. When clergy/laity, and attendance-based calendar meetings, and leaven-welcoming rituals became “the way to ‘have church,’” there was no way to hold back the flood of broken families, worldly teens, and permanent baby-hood for most christians. Instantly 90% of sin issues which could have been “nipped in the bud” (in relationships, family, business, and “personal time”) were let loose to run their course towards ruin. God’s Ways to save lives and marriages and young people are not lacking. The problem is not with God, but that His Truths on this topic are almost entirely rejected in christendom. Primarily, these Truths are hated by those who love the world and by those who are trying to build kingdoms for themselves. One of God’s key Declared means for remedying men’s weaknesses and foolishness and honest-ignorance from the “famine in hearing the Word,” Koinonia, has all but been discarded in christendom. It is still His CHURCH, functioning in His daily Life, that the gates of Hell can not overcome.

When did this Jesus-Life, the Acts 2:42-47 Quality of Life, change for the worst, historically? When is LIFE thrown away, and the Lampstand removed from any group of Believers today? The answer is here: we lose the Life and Power of God when worldliness and clergyism take root and rot away God’s Intent of daily Together-Life in Christ. The price of succumbing to “the cares and worries of the world and the deceitfulness of riches” in christendom is unfathomably high, isn’t it?

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