Enter at Your Own Risk!


Enter this site at your own great risk! Jesus made many wonderful Promises to His true-hearted disciples, one of which was this: Because we are not wiser than Him, nor more Loving…. “If they hated Me, they WILL hate you.”

As with Rabboni Himself, the more you are like Him and the more you “put into practice” (Mat.7) His Teachings, rather than just sing about them and go along with “the Show”—the more at risk you will find yourself with the Haters of Jesus’ Cross. As in Jesus’ day, it will often be the “religious” who will attack you, lie about you, and misrepresent what you say or do, twisting your words and rewriting history, for their own hidden reasons of revenge, or hatred, or jealousy (read, if you will, Mat.27:18, Mark 15:10, Acts 5:17, Acts 7:9, Acts 13:45, 17:5, Mat.5:1-12, 43-48). Wherever you live, never venture into “putting into practice” the Teachings of Jesus in your own lives, or encouraging anyone else who calls Jesus, “Lord, Lord” to do so—UNLESS you are willing to pay a heavy price, as Jesus Promised. You don’t tend to find THAT promise etched into a wooden plaque to be purchased at your local christian bookstore. : )

And yet, if you love Him, you will obey Him. He connected the two thoughts, intimately and absolutely. Loving Him and obeying Him. And, persecution MUST follow. But, that’s a GOOD thing, Jesus said. “Rejoice when…!” “Judge for yourselves whether it is better to obey God, or men.” And, “Woe to you if all men speak well of you.” Rejoice and carry on, if you have the courage to “share in the fellowship of His sufferings” that you “may also share in His Glory.”

There truly is no other kind of Biblical christianity than the kind that results in you being hated and lied about and slandered, regardless of what “cultural religion” may tell you. If it doesn’t include that, Jesus said it’s not yet the Real thing. Satan doesn’t oppose anything that doesn’t threaten him. Will you “Cross the line” and LIVE it, rather than simply use “christianity” as a culture and philosophy, and “lucky rabbit’s foot”? It is up to you, of course. Regardless of the country you live in, or your current state, IF you “put into practice” His Teachings, radical as they are compared to what modern day religious culture says or does, you will pay a supernaturally high price. It can only be the price of the Pearl, if it’s the Real thing. If you obey both the first AND last part of the “great Commission” (look it up : ) ), you will find a “fellowship of Darkness” rise up to test your love of Jesus and His Word. These will not be just “mean” or “misinformed” haters—but evil of Biblical proportions, and with a relentless insidious passion to destroy and kill, rather than for Jesus. They will “bang their spoons on their high chairs” and scream in a manipulative rage until you notice them or give them what they want. That’s what Jesus experienced, and PROMISED that everyone who came to Him TRULY would also face. Will you? For the sake of the Lamb and His Truths and His Garden, His People?

Some people who may insult or say things you would interpret as cruel really do love you, and love God—and only mean well. Listen to them and try to understand their perspective, and be Changed, even if in tears. Others, like Shimei or Jannes and Jambres, Korah or Balaam are filled with hatred and malice, and do not love God or you. You will sense it in their spirits. They won’t try to understand you or have compassion, or even want to know the truth of what happened or what was meant. They have only one goal: to harm and kill and hate, regardless of what tactics are required to accomplish their agenda. There is no love, and no redemptive heart. Clearly, it cannot then be of God. However! The heart God desires from you, as taught by Jesus, and demonstrated by David’s response to Shimei, is still to love them and learn everything you can from such “unclean vessels.” Even they are often used by God, regardless of the darkness in their lives or their hate-filled intentions. Regardless! For the Lamb, you can, we can still benefit from what they say, and should. Learn, repent, grow, and worship. Father will take care of all—we’re in Good hands, and truly need to be humbled, to grow, and to be Changed. It ain’t always pretty how Father sees fit to help us Grow. That’s okay. Be thankful.

It’s easier, of course, to take the route of “a little hot, a little cold, mixed together” (“lukewarm”) Jesus spoke of in Revelation 3, never risking relationship or job, reputation or health. Please don’t! You know how Jesus feels about that, if you’ve read Revelation 3 and the picture He gave about He Himself being left outside of those who call themselves “church.” He’s knocking, calling you. Most don’t love the Light (John 3:19-21), sad to say. Jesus said most would say “Lord, Lord” but never obey His Father, or know Him, in spite of their claims (Mat.7) about all of that. But YOU don’t have to be that way. You can, if you desire Him with “all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength” and are resolutely determined to walk the way of Jesus, you can take a chance in your workplace and family and community to share the Blood and Truths of Jesus, and live them out. You can courageously, with wisdom and love, anticipate that all who would “call himself a brother” would “love the Light” and long for His Appearing, and live in love and responsiveness to Him and His Truths. “The Word became flesh and dwelt for a while among them.”

Don’t read any further on this site, if you don’t want what the church here wants: that Jesus get the Reward of His Suffering, a “Bride who has made herself ready” for the Return of the Groom, Jesus. It will cost you everything, as Jesus foretold in Mat.13. But, as it was for Jesus, that's a Good thing. : )

Just so you know, some things never change, since we are dealing with the Supernatural when we touch the things of God. Throughout Biblical History, there have always been those who were “thrown in a well” or “stoned” for violating the status quo of Biblical lukewarmness. The spiritual “Tall Poppy Syndrome” is a part of every culture, in every generation. And if you thought persecution and slander and lies and death threats stopped after the First Century, or are only happening in third-world countries, “you should get out more.” : ) Jesus said it would be for ALL who truly believe, and live it out. Question what you are doing wrong if you are not hated and slandered, said Jesus. And, as T.A. Sparks said: “Trying to live out Jesus’ life, for real, is intolerable to those with something to protect.”

"Name calling, such as the loathsome term 'cult' is nothing more than a thought-terminiating cliche' conceived in the bowels of modern religion for the purpose of beating down the challengers to their power and money-making status quo." (adapted from former Imam, Abdur-Rahman)

"They use the term 'cult' as a crutch to avoid the internal work of reform that needs to be done. This is a slippery slope, and without moral courage. Those protecting the status quo look through the lens of spiritual narcissism, using the term 'cult' to describe others in order to avoid responsibility."(adapted by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Meritorious Service Award Winner)

WormTongue, with his agenda to protect his sins and lies, disguised as “concern”—is part of who you will face if you live for Jesus, for real, daily:

From “Trial and Testimony”—a quote from the Second Century:

“They love all and are persecuted by all. They are put to death and are made alive. They are poor but make many rich. They lack all things yet abound in all things. They are abused and give blessing; they are insulted and give honor. When they do good they are punished as evildoers; when they are punished, they rejoice as those receiving life…. Those who hate them are not able to state the true cause of their hostility.”

We’ll end with this, and please remember it well as you go forward towards the Burning Bush of His Light and Glory and Truth. Paul said, “It is the same now.” Ishmael will always persecute anything Holy. Be Holy as He is Holy! You won’t be perfect—we in the church here in this location certainly are far from perfect. But Truth is Truth, and stands its own Ground, and by His Blood and Spirit, we all must press forward to lay hold of the One we were apprehended for. Take your shoes off, along with multitudes around the world, and we’ll all “look to Jesus, the Author and Perfecter”—come what may. By His Oath and Power, soon…. “no more loneliness and sorrow—He will bring a new Tomorrow.”


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